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Work (chuokaho) of board of health

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Maintenance and maintenance of 1 monitoring, crisis management system

  (1) Holding of the prefecture, municipalities and animal hygiene-related meeting for members of fixed-job worker of stock raising affiliate and various workshops

  (2) Dispatch of animal hygiene information utilizing public information

  (3) Maintenance such as prevention of epidemics maps which are necessary for quick and precise prevention of epidemics correspondence at the time of livestock epidemic occurrence

  (4) Examination about the outbreak prevention of infectious disease derived from animal



Promotion instruction of improvement in 2 productivity

  (1) Blood test and illness-related evaluation to plan reduction of respiratory disease in domestic animal and chronic illness mainly on loose bowels

  (2) Periodical breeding examination in cow breeding farmhouse for meat

  (3) Pasturage promotion and examination of cow for meat of hygiene

  (4) Maintenance of the industrial animal veterinarian medical treatment system in area



Instruction, enlightenment about livestock products production that 3 is safe

    (1) The spread of production control instruction by farm HACCP method

  •   (2) Investigation into drug resistant bacteria expression situation
  •   (3) Enlightenment and monitoring of proper use of pharmaceutical products for animal
  •     Oh, it is on-the-spot inspection to pharmaceutical products distributor for animal
  •     Use of pharmaceutical products fact-finding for animal in i cattle farmer


Support about cow infrastructure reinforcement for 4 meat

  •   (1) Examination of various hygiene pertaining to excellence class ox construction in an overhanging style and maintenance
  •   (2) Support of various expos pertaining to securing of local excellence cow 

    Enlightenment pertaining to 5 stock raising environmental conservation and various instruction



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