Organization, mechanism of central Livestock Hygiene Office

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The staff (as of 2020.4.1) of Kumamoto center Livestock Hygiene Office

 The number of staff is 19 (13 men, six women) technical personnel (veterinarian), office worker four (two men, woman two), supporting temporary worker one (woman).


  • Director
    One person

  • General Administration Division
    One section manager, chief editor one, counselor one, chief director one, supporting temporary worker one

  • Board of health
    Council and one section manager, chief editor one, chief engineer one, veterinarian temporary worker one

  • Prevention of epidemics section
    The chief editor and one section manager, counselor two, engineer one

  • Inspection section
    The chief editor and one section manager, chief engineer six

  • BSE inspection station
    Two chief editors, veterinarian temporary worker one


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