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We introduce wooden building in Kumamoto

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In this prefecture, we use wood for public facilities and public construction positively!

In Kumamoto, the forest accounts for 63% of prefectural soil. The forest has function of the public interest such as cultivation of water source, prevention of mountainous district disaster, maintenance of biological diversity, restraint of global warming. Maintenance, increase of this function requires to keep the forest healthy state.

We push forward the use of wood in public facilities and public construction to make use of resources of the abundant forest in Kumamoto. In this page, we introduce facility using wood.

Facility table

The location municipalities Facility name Summary of facility
Uto-shi Social education facility
Uki-shi PDF Uki Aya building [PDF file/272KB] Product sales facility
Misato-machi PDF Samata-no-Yu accommodation (night lodge) [PDF file/229KB] The accommodations, hot spring
Misato-machi PDF birichoritsutoyoshogakukozushokan [PDF file/317KB] School facility
Misato-machi PDF Misato product building yonnasse [PDF file/304KB] Product sales facility
Misato-machi PDF Forestry synthesis center [PDF file/322KB] Social education facility
Misato-machi PDF Doctor of astrology Bridge side restroom [PDF file/265KB] Park facility
Arao-shi PDF The Arao City Arao third junior high school martial arts ground [PDF file/228KB] School facility
Yamaga-shi PDF Cherry tree hot water [PDF file/353KB] Hot spring
Kikuchi-shi PDF Kikuchi north Junior High School [PDF file/253KB] School facility
Kikuyo-machi PDF Stork nursery school [PDF file/208KB] Social welfare facility
Aso-shi PDF YMCA Akamizu nursery school [PDF file/298KB] Social welfare facility
Minamioguni-machi PDF Forestry conservancy dam [PDF file/353KB] made of Nakahara district tree (public construction)
Oguni-machi PDF Station [PDF file/194KB] which Roadside Station, small country says Product sales facility
Ubuyama-mura PDF Naive mountain nursery school [PDF file/245KB] Social welfare facility


PDF Takamori-machi Kankokoryu Center [PDF file/174KB] Product sales facility
Minamiaso-mura PDF Of village of aso wishes nail [PDF file/268KB] Product sales facility
Nishihara-mura PDF Nishihara-mura Lifelong Learning Center [PDF file/313KB] Social education facility
Yatsushiro-shi PDF Hinagu dream warehouse [PDF file/124KB] Social education facility
Sagara-mura PDF Saga and others hot spring tea and hot water village [PDF file/338KB] Hot spring
Sagara-mura PDF Oldness and hall [PDF file/295KB] Social education facility
Sagara-mura PDF Sagara north Elementary School [PDF file/285KB School facility
Yamae-mura PDF Yamae-mura Ko Tateyama Junior High School (school building) [PDF file/112KB] School facility
Yamae-mura PDF Yamae-mura Ko Tateyama Junior High School (Budokan) [PDF file/276KB] School facility
Amakusa-shi PDF Oniike Port Ferry terminal [PDF file/225KB] Ferry terminal
Amakusa-shi PDF We increase five sums area interchange center [PDF file/321KB] Social education facility
Amakusa-shi PDF Accommodations ease-so [PDF file/165KB] The accommodations
Amakusa-shi PDF Amakusa-shi Ushibuka hot spring center [PDF file/368KB] Hot spring
Reihoku-machi PDF Shiki meeting place [PDF file/280KB] Social education facility
Reihoku-machi PDF Wooden fish reef [PDF file/277KB] (public construction)

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