Credit sale of Kumamoto owned by a prefecture forest offset credit (J-VER)

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J-VER to sell

 J-VER to sell was accepted by Ministry of the Environment offset credit (J-VER) system with quantity of carbon dioxide absorption in owned by a prefecture forest of Itsuki-mura, Kuma-gun, Kumamoto, and is accepted as J-credit now. As for the details, please see the following "summaries of Kumamoto owned by a prefecture forest J-VER".

Sales system

  About credit sale of Kumamoto owned by a prefecture forest offset credit (J-VER), as for the details, please see the following materials.

 Flow (PDF: 36 kilobytes) of J-VER (credit) sale We open with the other window

Word The Kumamoto owned by a prefecture forest J-VER sale point [WORD file/26KB]


Application eligible people

    Company, group using J-VER can apply for carbon offset.

But company, group listed below are excluded.

(1) Company, group which are subject to suspension of business or other disadvantages by illegal or inappropriate act

(2) Company, group where reasonable ground to be enough if we admit that it is member of gang or gang is

(3) In addition, company, group where it is admitted that we cannot carry out where this business is appropriate


The purchase application

    You have downloading of the following "owned by a prefecture forest J-VER offer to purchase" and "written estimate", and please submit to application.

We examine contents and make a contract when estimate unit price is the minimum unit price of the prefecture or more.


The purchase application by electronic application

 Where the purchase application in the electronic application "Kumamoto electron application window yorozu application main office" is hoped for is this place

Credit purchase application for Kumamoto owned by a prefecture forest offset credit (J-VER) allowed even electronic application


The sale results

    The sale results of Kumamoto owned by a prefecture forest J-VER are as follows.

 ※At February 28, 2019

Sellable quantity (quantity of offer)

    2,733 (t-CO2)



With carbon offset

 You recognize discharge of own greenhouse gas and you are independent and you reduce and make an effort, and, about part having difficulty in reduction, make up for all or a part of the discharge by discharge reduction that you realized at other places, absorption activity.


 With offset credit (J-VER) system

 We say system that the certification issues as credit (J-VER) that greenhouse gas emission reduction, absorption quantity realized in the domestic project is used for voluntary carbon offset to spread, and to promote approach of carbon offset.


With J-credit system

 As for the J-credit system, discharge reduction quantity and quantity of absorption of greenhouse gas such as CO2 by approaches such as introduction or the forest management of energy-saving - apparatus are run as system that the country credit system and offset credit (J-VER) system integrated in system that country authenticates as "credit" progressively from 2013 by country.

 In addition, J-VER credit of this prefecture holds as gross quantity J- credit.


Usage of J-VER (J-credit)

 J-VER (J-credit) has following how to use.

 We are used by carbon offset

  Method to sell product with carbon offset and product which is kind to global environment including service, and to have support of global environment contribution of product buyer.

  Method to make up for carbon dioxide which occurs at events to contribute to global environment at concert or event.

 We use as compensation of carbon footprint in laws and ordinances

     Method that carbon footprint makes up for in "the law (ontaiho) about promotion of global warming measure."

    "Greenhouse gas discharge calculation, report, public announcement system" We open with the other window


Kumamoto J-VER logo mark

 Logo that companies which purchased J-VER credit created in Kumamoto from December 14, 2013 could use for the company's product or pamphlet was established.


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