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About the 26th Kumamoto environment prize

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The 26th "Kumamoto environment prize section prize" offer!


Please apply for "Kumamoto environment prize section prize"

 "Kumamoto environment prize" founded based on the Kumamoto environmental basic regulations in 1991. Remarkable achievement praises individual, group, educational institution, company which there was for activity about richer environmental maintenance, creation and plans more development of activity and opens consciousness and activity to more citizens of the prefecture and is intended that we contribute to the richness of life and environmental maintenance, creation, and eventually.
 As for this prize, "prize for Kumamoto nature symbiosis" commends "country Prize of Kumamoto water" for five branches of "Kumamoto environmental education Prize" "Kumamoto recycling society prize" "prize for Kumamoto stop warming".
 Please apply for doing its best, "Kumamoto environment Prize section Prize" by all means to make environment of Kumamoto including energy saving, promotion of 3R, promotion of maintenance of rich nature, groundwater cultivation, environmental education better in area and the workplace.
 Self-recommendation recommendation by others does not matter. We look forward to much application!


About offer

Subscription for 1 period     

  Wednesday, December 21, 2016 - Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2 eligible people      

  ・Individual, group, educational institution where achievement of activity is remarkable and proprietor 

   ※ But and people who received commendation by prefecture or country are past, and, about the same achievement, they do not become a target of commendation about that this prize was won.

  ・Periods when we carried out a target activity being the next period or more

   Individual: Five years

   Group: Three years

   Educational institution: Three years

   Company :Three years


Target activity according to three branches  

  Correspond to any of the following, and other; giving a good example, and being able to recommend.

  ※Other than area and school, environmental conservation activity in the workplace, it is for technology development, manufacture such as energy saving products and leading introduction.

"Kumamoto environment prize section prize" section division and target activity

Section division

Target activity

 Prize for Kumamoto stop warming (global warming measure section)     

 Activity pertaining to discharge reduction of greenhouse gas which is concrete by prevention of global warming activity

Kumamoto recycling society prize (recycling society formation section)              

   Activity pertaining to the formation of recycling society including promotion of 3R 

  Prize for Kumamoto nature symbiosis (natural symbiosis section)                              

 Activity to succeed to local nature to the defense next generation

  Country prize (groundwater, river, environmental conservation section of the sea) of Kumamoto water          

 Activity to affect maintenance of water splattering on groundwater, river, the sea

 Prize for Kumamoto environmental education (environmental education section)                             

 Activity pertaining to the environmental education, learning and spread enlightenment

                                              ※ Each commendation ... section, around one case

Method of 4 recommendation, application

 (1) Recommendation assumes self-recommendation or recommendation by others.

 (2) Recommender based on commendation essential point "recommendation record (list the requirements in "recommendation record (attached sheet style)" in reference to form sheet to the following submission directly

          Or we submit by mail, FAX, E-mail.       

  PDF Kumamoto environment prize commendation essential point With new window(PDF: 149.1 kilobytes)

 (1) Reference secretariat Kumamoto Department of Environment and Residential Life environment station Environmental Policy Promotion Division 〒 862-8570 6-18-1, Suizenji, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi

                   Tel: 096-333-2266 FAX: 096-383-0314 Email: [email protected]

 (2) Submission      The secretariat or each Regional Promotion Bureau health welfare Environment Department General Affairs and Planning Section

6 and others

 (1) The number of the past prize winners 140 (individual 30, group 53, educational institution 33, company 24)

 (2) The 26th "Kumamoto environment section prize" brochure 

      PDF The 26th Kumamoto environment prize brochure With new window(PDF: 416.3 kilobytes)






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