Summary of Ishiuchi Dam

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Summary of Ishiuchi Dam

Ishiuchi Dam

Summary of Ishiuchi Dam

 Ishiuchi Dam was built as part of Hata River overall development as multipurpose dam by Misumimachinakamura, Uki-shi, Kumamoto frontage.
 We start the dam body construction from 1988 and complete examination flooding in 1991 and manage dam from 1993.

Purpose of Ishiuchi Dam

 (1) Flood control
  In plan rise of a river flow rate 64 per second legislation meters of dam point, we perform flood control of 55 per second legislation meters and plan reduction, prevention of flood of Hata riverside Kawachi area.
 (2) Maintenance of normal function of running water
  We supply water for existing profit of Hata riverside river of the dam point downstream and plan maintenance and increase of normal function of running water.
 (3) Water supply water
  For Sankakucho, we supply tap water of exposure to the sun 3,800 legislation meter as water supply water newly in dam point.

Specifications of reservoir and dam

     Specifications of Ishiuchi Dam reservoir and dam


Specifications of damWater system nameHata RiverReservoir specifications

Catchment area

(kilometer square meter)

(directly 2.1, indirect 1.8)
River nameEight Yanagawa

Flooding area

(kilometer square meter)

PositionSankakucho, Uki-shiTotal storing water capacity (legislation meter)1,200,000
ModelGravity-type concrete dam

Valid storing water capacity

(legislation meter)

Bank high (m)38.5

Flood control capacity

(legislation meter)

Bank top long (m)256Irrigation capacity (legislation meter)530,000

Bank volume

(legislation meter)




Structure of Ishiuchi Dam

(1) Dam ground plan
Ishiuchi h
(2) Dam front elevation (the upper classes side)

(3) Dam standard cross section

Access to Ishiuchi Dam

■The time required: Airplane in the case of the use

 From Aso Kumamoto Airport, it is about two hours by rent-a-car and taxi.


■The time required: JR in the case of the use

 Hakata Station - Kumamoto Station (Kyushu Shinkansen) ... ... ... about 40 minutes

 Kumamoto Station - Ishiuchi Dam Station (JR Misumi Line) ... ..., about 50 minutes

 It is about 20 minutes on foot from JR Ishiuchi Dam Station


■The time required: Car in the case of the use

 From JR Kumamoto Station ... ... ..., about 1 hour 30 minutes    From JR Matsubase Station ... ... ... ..., about 50 minutes

 From JR Misumi Station ... ... ..., about 20 minutes       From Matsubase I.C ... ... ... ..., about one hour

 From Kumamoto-shi ... ... ..., about 1 hour 30 minutes



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