Letter -Letter from a forest- vol.2 from forest

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We issued letter -Letter from a forest-Vol.2 from forest.

 Commencing with topic about the forest, forestry, the prefecture works newly this year; "tie forest and leading figure, gather, and protect the rich forest of hometown Kumamoto including introduction corner of boy & girl loving news about promotion business" and the forest of Kumamoto, and be brought up, and send various information to succeed in the future.

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Contents of "letter -Letter from a forest- Vol.2 from forest"

★Of the forest talk, and "is intended to reach spring in winter."

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★Full-scale start "reviews the forest!" We gather model district (meeting) of eight prefecture pushing forward approach, and specialist introduces!

★Summary of easy-to-understand guide, "we gather promotion business to tie forest and leading figure"

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★Wooden public facilities using premium hinoki materials "Nango, Aso hinoki" from Kumamoto are completed news from the prefecture!

★The forest boy & girl of Kumamoto

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