Scenery photo contest prize-winning work decision of Aso!

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We decided "scenery photo contest of Aso" prize-winning work!

  About "cultural scenery of Aso" continuing approach for the choice of scenery of important sentence of country,
  It is photo for the purpose of having by expressing in photograph, many people know value and charm of Aso more
   We carried out contest.
  Prize-winning work was decided as a result that it was applied, and work more than 600 points performed fair examination from the prefectural inside and outside.
  In addition, from Tuesday, March 22, 2016 to 25th Friday in prefectural office the first floor of the new building lobby,
  We hold prize-winning work panel exhibition.

List of prize-winning works

 ※We can see photograph when we click work name.

  Work name Full nameExamination comment 
 The highest awardAt the time of endlessness With new window Tomiko Azuma

 Dirt cow is symbol suruyona in opened history in topography and that severe like Takamori natural

At grassy plain, theme is photographed well. Part of flat grassy plain of this side and back iwa

It is contrastive, and the forest in the shii topography is good, too.

 We understand connection (occupation) with people by making dirt cow subject.

 Award for excellenceSummer of Aso Valley With new window Akira Moriguchi 14

 We let by making child subject, image connection to the future of Aso.
Being figure which is going to go at a quick pace before festival or released figure after festival or child

Scenery which we classified domono movement into is fantastic.
 By scenery like Aso Valley, viewpoint of Aso judging from the inside is good.

 We are selected (Mayor Aso Prize)Dried mowing With new window Toshimi Murakami

 Fantastic work which concluded the working of Aso that prepared for winter at grassy plain of magnificent Aso within one piece.
Farmland of Aso valley readjusted the division of spreading in the depths is in contrast to grassy plain harvested irregularly,

Well-thought composition captures original scenery of Aso well closely.

 We are selected (Mayor of Minamioguni-machi Prize)Grassy plain which lasts 1,000 years With new window Mitsuhiro Morinaga

 This grassy plain which has been built in eternal history by the working of people of Minamioguni-machi

It is one of the representative sceneries and is pride of townsman and property. We to ancient people

We think about what we should do to inherit thanks on chest in the next generation.

 We are selected (the mayor of small country Prize)Veil of cool breeze With new window Takashi Iwabuchi

 Famous place "pan ka waterfall" which represents Oguni-machi. We can see the flow from the backside of waterfall

This rare waterfall. Flow of the water and neighboring green let you feel refreshing air with this work.

 We are selected (the mayor of Ubuyama Prize)Land preparation scenery of Tanada With new window Shiro Shimada

 Work which can take in spring. While only scenery has many works about fan-shaped shelf field,

Work which caught state of farming utilizing water which we drew from rice-transplanting machine and Japanese mountain rose water source is rare,

We are equal to theme.

 We are selected (Mayor Takamori Prize)Way which spreads out With new window Yukiko Ueno

 Screen distribution of Shinto straw festoon, pair of stone guardian dogs, approach to a shrine is stable, and there is not waste for composition.

 In addition, prolonged approach to a shrine characterizing Kamishikimi Kumano-za Shrine is projected well,

It is work which mysterious atmosphere is transmitted through very much.

 We are selected (the mayor of Minamiaso Prize)Mysterious spring With new window The Saki Noguchi beauty

 Scenery of Aso has been brought up from ancient times by collaboration of human being and nature.
 Rural scenery and grassy plain spreading in Minamiaso are art that such an ancient people made up.

 With transparency under the theme of water source which it is source of occupation of people in this photograph, and is indispensable

A certain mystique is expressed in profundity.

 We are selected (Mayor Nishihara Prize) Hiroshi Takeda

 To burn dry grass which collected in winter, and to do in manure of growing young grass from now on

Night burning off a field that has been kept carefully to perform, and to tell coming of spring from the old days. We express the exciting figure

We are doing.




 "Cultural scenery - of Aso that we want to have in scenery - future to convey living of Aso"

  It is ... with ... cultural scenery

   About scenery which the human working spends long time, and created, is concrete; grassy plain, farming and mountain village (Tanada, village forest, cedar forests others),

         We point to sceneries such as hot spring, spring, faith, culture.



   Sponsorship: Aso world's cultural heritage registration promotion meeting (Kumamoto, Aso-shi, Minamioguni-machi, Oguni-machi, Ubuyama-mura, Takamori-machi, Minamiaso-mura, Nishihara-mura)

   Support: Aso Geopark promotion meeting, Aso grassy plain reproduction 1,000 years committee meeting, Aso grassy plain reproduction meeting, association of Aso area world agriculture inheritance promotion

       Aso area promotion Design Center

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