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The Kumamoto Police

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Department of Environment and Residential Life Consumer Information and Counselling Division (consumer service center) 
TEL: 096-333-2309 
FAX: 096-383-0998 
Email [email protected]

While consumers compare notes with related organizations in the Kumamoto Police not to encounter consumers damage such as vip-off selling, damage prevention works.

[consultation telephone] The Kumamoto Prefectural Police Police security counselor's office: ♯ 9110 push line, public telephone, cell-phone

[consultation telephone] Dial line telephone in the case of the use: 096-383-9100

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List of each local police office:


Prefecture center area:

Kumamoto center police station 

Address: 5-13, Kusabacho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi 

Phone number 096-323-0110

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Kumamoto south police station

Address: 3-3-28, Juzenji, Minami-ku, Kumamoto-shi

Phone number 096-326-0110 

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Kumamoto east police station

Address: 3-10-1, Higashimachi, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto-shi

Phone number 096-368-0110

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Kumamoto north Goshi police station

Address: Kita-ku, Kumamoto-shi Tobita 4-10-19

Phone number 096-341-0110

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Mifune police station

Address: 406-4, Hetami, Mifune-machi, Kamimashiki-gun

Phone number 096-282-1110

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Yamato police station

Address: 414-5, Gebao, Yamato-cho, Kamimashiki-gun
Phone number 0967-72-0110

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Uki police station

Address: 359-2, Matsubasemachikugu, Uki-shi
Phone number 0964-33-0110

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The north area of the prefecture:

Tamana police station

Address: 51, Iwasaki, Tamana-shi
Phone number 0968-74-0110

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Arao police station

Address: 1863-2, Kuramitsu, Arao-shi
Phone number 0968-68-5110

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Yamaga police station

Address: 102, Izumimachi, Yamaga-shi
Phone number 0968-44-0110

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Kikuchi police station

Address: 790, Waifu, Kikuchi-shi
Phone number 0968-24-0110

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Otsu police station

Address: Oaza, Ozu-machi, Kikuchi-gun room 676
Phone number 096-294-0110

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Small country police station

Address: 1806, Miyahara, Oguni-machi, Aso-gun

Phone number 0967-46-2110 

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Aso police station

Address: 4523-2, Ichinomiyamachimiyaji, Aso-shi

Phone number 0967-22-5110

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Takamori police station

Address: Oaza, Takamori-machi, Aso-gun Takamori 1432
Phone number 0967-62-0110

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The south area of the prefecture:

Yatsushiro police station

Address: 11-40, Nishimatsuejomachi, Yatsushiro-shi
Phone number 0965-33-0110

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Ashikita police station

Address: Oaza, Ashikita-machi, Ashikita-gun Ashikita 2784-4
Phone number 0966-82-3110

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Minamata police station

Address: 3-1, Hibarigaoka, Minamata-shi
Phone number 0966-62-0110

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Hitoyoshi police station

Address: 1014, Nishiaidashimomachi, Hitoyoshi-shi
Phone number 0966-24-4110

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Taragi police station

Address: 3094-1, Taragi, Taragi-machi, Kuma-gun 
Phone number 0966-42-4110 

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Amakusa area:

Amakusa police station

Address: 3530, Imagamashinmachi, Amakusa-shi
Phone number 0969-24-0110 

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Kamiamakusa police station

Address: 11582, Oyanomachinaka, Kamiamakusa-shi address 3
Phone number 0964-56-0110

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Ushibuka police station

Address: 5705-4, Kutamamachi, Amakusa-shi
Phone number 0969732110

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Department of Environment and Residential Life Consumer Information and Counselling Division (consumer service center)
Telephone: 096-333-2309
Fax: 096-383-0998
Email [email protected]
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