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Request for periodical medical examination of tuberculosis

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To representative of school, hospital, medical office, midwifery home, care for the elder healthcare facility, the House of care medical care, social welfare facility, detective facility, managers

●Request for periodical medical examination - conduct and submission of tuberculosis─


・Pursuant to the provision of 2 of Article 53, you carry out medical examination as follows (you list with "Infectious Disease Law" as follows.) for fixed period of tuberculosis and must report law (1998 law No. 114) about medical care for patient of the prevention of infectious disease and infectious disease to Health Center.


・ We discover tuberculosis early by fear to transmit person and tuberculosis with high rate to contract a disease of tuberculosis to the neighborhood when we become sick obliging to conduct of medical examination for high people, and periodical medical examination of tuberculosis is intended that we prevent outbreaks.


・ Please carry out periodical health examination for eligible people. In addition, please report to public health center having jurisdiction over the location by the following reports immediately as you have a duty to report based on 7 regulations of Infectious Disease Law Article 53 after the tuberculosis diagnosis conduct.


Person of accountabilityEligible peopleEffective time
The school (※ 1) headPerson who engages in dutiesEvery year degree
Student, student of university, high school, higher vocational school, special vocational school or vocational school
(the years required for graduation remove thing within one year.)
The year when we enrolled
Hospital, medical office, midwifery home managerPerson who engages in dutiesEvery year degree
Mayor of care for the elder facilityPerson who engages in dutiesEvery year degree
Care medical care director Person who engages in duties Every year degree 
The social welfare facility (※ 2) headPerson who engages in dutiesEvery year degree
Entrance people 65 years or olderAfter the year when day when it reaches 65 years old belongs, it is degree every year
Mayor of detective facilityInmates 20 years or olderAfter the year when day when it reaches 20 years old belongs, it is degree every year


※Other than school to fix for 1 School Education Act, we include special vocational school and vocational school and remove kindergarten.

※2 social welfare method Article 2 Paragraph 2 first and facility to prescribe by No. 6 from No. 3

  •  The first: Facility for the purpose of letting person having difficulty with aid station prescribed in National Assistance Act, rehabilitation facilities or other living enter at rate that is free of charge or small sum, and helping life
  •  No. 3: Nursing home for the elderly, special elderly nursing home, economical life-care facility based on old-age persons' welfare law
  •  No. 4: Person with a disability support facility based on person with a disability synthesis support law
  •  No. 5: Deletion
  •  No. 6: Woman protective institution based on the Anti-Prostitution Law

    • Method of inspection

     Examination of sputum, examination for chest X-rays, examination by a stethoscope, percussion or other necessary inspection


    Deadline for report

      •  Until next month 10th of medical examination conduct month


    Report style

    Report method and report

     Please report to public health center having jurisdiction over the location by FAX or mail.

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