About operation such as confirmation application accompanied with revision of Building Standard Act enforcement order about elevator

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 Cabinet ordinance (2013 cabinet ordinance 217) revising a part of the Building Standard Act is enforced on April 1, 2014, but, in this prefecture, decides to handle operation such as confirmation application pertaining to elevator as follows.

 In addition, it is going to become similar handling in the specific administrative agency (Kumamoto-shi, Yatsushiro-shi, Amakusa-shi) in the prefecture, but please refer to identification administrative agency of application ahead for the details as there are plan demanding attachment of certificate about construction start of construction time of building separately and saying administrative agency.

About operation about application of new standard of 1 elevator

 If we perform the other wish application by 2 of Building Standard Act Article 87 about setting of elevator after the enforcement day, about new building starting building works before the enforcement day of new cabinet ordinance (April 1, 2014), we shall be able to handle application of new standard as thing not to receive.

※In addition, the start of construction of building recommends setting of elevator which adapted to new standard even before the enforcement day.

  PDF Image [PDF file/14KB] of new standard application of elevator 

About procedure when install model authorization product of standard before completion inspection with thing which received confirmation by elevator of model authorization product of old standard at the time of 2 building certification newly (about necessity or not of plan change confirmation application)

 If it is (thing that it is apparent that plan of building facilities adapts to building standard relations regulations after the change when ability such as capacity or rating speed does not have change) which is within range of immaterial alteration provided by 2 Paragraph 2 No. 2 of rule Article 3, we decide to handle as immaterial alteration.

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