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Public employee section

General affairs group

* Desk work about examination of demand of measures about working condition

 The staff can require Personnel Committee that appropriate measure is taken about improvement of working condition by appointers when we are dissatisfied with working condition. When there is this demand, Personnel Committee examines contents and it is because and urges improvement for appointers about necessary matter.

* Desk work about examination of query about disadvantageous disposal

 When the staff receives adverse disposition (disciplinary measure, the rich disposal) against the will, and the disposal includes dissatisfaction, we can perform query for Personnel Committee, and, for this query, Personnel Committee examines contents. If disposal is breach of law, unjustify, we cancel the disposal or make modifications and perform instructions to correct undue treatment which the staff received by the disposal for appointer when needed.

* Desk work about complaint consultation of the staff

 It is that complaint, dissatisfaction about salary and working condition including working hours may occur to the staff, but not only will of the staff decreases, but also complaint, dissatisfaction will have an influence on vitality of the whole organization when it is not dissolved appropriately. Therefore we receive complaint consultation so that we dissolve complaint, dissatisfaction, and the staff can engage in duties with will in peace and perform system explanation and advice depending on the contents and act for solution by recommending with the staff as needed between belonging.

* Desk work about registration of employee organization

 About employee organization which the staff organized, we perform registration work of employee organization based on regulations of Local Public Service Law.

* Desk work about designation of ranges such as managerial personnels

 Group where both are mixed cannot receive protection as employee organization in Local Public Service Law without organizing employee organization where is the same as managerial personnels and other staff. It is to establish ranges such as these managerial personnels in Personnel Committee rule.

* It is desk work about promotion selection adoption such as the staff

 Enough competitors select about adoption to jobs not to be provided, promotion to staff of holding a responsible position even if we perform competitive examination by job to need qualification license.

Adoption group

* Desk work about employment examination such as the staff

 About employment of one prefecture of staff (we remove public educational personnel.) and police officer, we carry out examination by the following classification.

  (1) The staff employment examination (graduation from university degree)

  (2) The staff employment examination (private enterprises are targeted for experienced person)

  (3)   The staff employment examination (degree that is a graduate from high school)

  (4) The staff employment examination (license qualification job)

  (5) Police officer employment examination (police officer A) 

  (6) Police officer employment examination (police officer B)

  (7)   The staff adoption selection test for people with a disability

 To find applicant of 2 examinations, by adoption guidance homepage disseminate information, and wide offer including holding of various events works.


Salary group

* Desk work about salary advice

 As the fundamental rights to labor are restricted by character of duties and perform negotiations between management and labor like worker of private enterprise, and the staff cannot decide own salary, salary advice system is established as the compensation measures. Salary urges to revise salary of the staff for prefectural assembly and the governor while considering the social general situation in Personnel Committee. 

* Desk work about working condition

 About working conditions such as working hours of the staff, we research and report the result for prefectural assembly and the governor.  

* Desk work about the use of labor standards supervising agency authority

 It is decided that Personnel Committee uses labor standards supervisory authority for education, research organization and general public office in Local Public Service Law among offices of the prefecture. We perform desk work of Industrial Safety and Health Law relations and the Labor Standards Law relations (permission of accommodation person on duty, the acceptance of report of agreement about overtime work, holiday labor).
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