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2015 mombasadatsuarepoto

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We carried out mombasadatsua on Saturday, March 5, 2016 and took a trip to Kuma, Hitoyoshi area authorized to inheritance of Japan this time in 2015.

  *「『Inheritance Kuma, Hitoyoshi, Japan website: http://hitoyoshi-kuma-heritage.jp/


It is Hitoyoshi craft park Ishino Park first that came.

Hitoyoshi craft park Ishino Park is various craft facilities which can have a handmade experience commencing with display such as folkcraft or folk toy of Kuma, Hitoyoshi.

  *"Hitoyoshi craft park Ishino Park:" http://h-craftpark.com/

Craft park (1)

Craft park (2)


Of "Doll's Festival in Kuma, Hitoyoshi" that Kuma, Hitoyoshi area performs all in one body on that day was during event period. The area was surrounded in gorgeous atmosphere by one color of Doll's Festival.

Craft park (3)

Craft park (4)

With people crafts building in facility, we can experience painting such as "flower jewel box" and "pheasant horse" which are traditional craft of Kuma, Hitoyoshi area.

Craft park (5)


We had everybody challenge painting of "KUMAMON flower jewel box".

Will you do well as expected?


It is started work in response to explanation about painting promptly first by person in charge!

Heard happy conversation while was the beginning, but ...

We gradually became everybody person of few words (laugh)

Craft park (7)



Expression is exactly earnest, too.
Craft park (8)

Everybody manner of handling a brush gradually got smooth whether you were getting used.

And flower jewel box is gradually colorful, too!

Craft park (9)


Completion ...! How is workmanship? ?

Is smartphone in each, everybody,; "pasha ☆" 

And we had information spread promptly in SNS♪

Craft park (10)

Craft park (11)

Work that concentrate on thank you. It is lunch successively in "Hitoyoshi inn".

Hitoyoshi inn leaving figure at the time of founding of 1934 is registered with registered tangible cultural properties of country. In addition, here Hitoyoshi Onsen is one of the Japanese inheritance constitution cultural assets.

  *"Hitoyoshi inn:" http://www.hitoyoshiryokan.com/

Hitoyoshi inn (1)

Hitoyoshi inn (2)

We enjoyed meal and conversation while enjoying atmosphere of inn, and everybody looked really friendly when meal was over. Of course it is "Perot tsu" and eating up!

Hitoyoshi inn (3)

Hitoyoshi inn (4)


We observe national treasure "Aoi Aso-jinja Shrine" of Hitoyoshi inn side after meals.

Not to speak of thing that is one of the Japanese inheritance constitution cultural assets, Aoi Aso-jinja Shrine is appointed to national treasure in June, 2008 and is historical building to invite 400 years to soon.

  *"Aoi Aso-jinja Shrine:" http://www.aoisan.jp/aoisan.html

Aoi Aso-jinja Shrine (1)

In having you work as what Miyaji oneself guide on that day!

In one one carefulness, we heard a lot of valuable stories again.

Aoi Aso-jinja Shrine (2)

Aoi Aso-jinja Shrine (3)

And we had you show a part of intangible cultural properties "Kuma noh dance" (one of the Japanese inheritance constitution cultural assets). We had a very valuable experience.

Aoi Aso-jinja Shrine (4)

We visited the ruins of Hitoyoshi-jo Castle successively.

At first, we start from visit of adjacent Hitoyoshi castle history museum. We had you tell introduction of history, culture of Hitoyoshi Castle or secret story at the time from person in charge in detail.

  *"Hitoyoshi Castle history museum:" It is html 9 for http://www.city.hitoyoshi.lg.jp/q/aview/95 24 days a month

Ruins of Hitoyoshi-jo Castle (1)

Ruins of Hitoyoshi-jo Castle (2)


And to stone basement remains of an ancient structure that party sleeps in basement of history museum. Special space with well that there is not similar instance seems to be restored to the original state in building original figure nationwide. Mysterious space that the use was still unknown was right wrapped in atmosphere that was mystery ass.

Ruins of Hitoyoshi-jo Castle (3)

Ruins of Hitoyoshi-jo Castle (4)

We move to the ruins of Hitoyoshi-jo Castle successively. Even this had explanation in detail.

When place that had passed casually asked about history and meaning, there was viewpoint different again and was studied very much until now.

  *"The ruins of Hitoyoshi-jo Castle:" http://kumanago.jp/event/?mode=detail&id=430000000922

Ruins of Hitoyoshi-jo Castle (5)

And to the last destination, "crescent brewing."

"Distilled spirits of the Kuma district" which is one of the Japanese inheritance constitution cultural assets observes made process here. In front of shochu storehouse, there was unique fragrance of shochu promptly.

  *"Crescent brewing:" http://www.sengetsu.co.jp/

Kumashochu (1)

And, after shochu Kurami study, we were looked forward to most (?) To sampling venue of shochu.

Sampling is started promptly by each! Was one article of favorite found? ?

Kumashochu (2)

Kumashochu (3)


With the above mombasadatsua is the end.

When we came back in Kumamoto-shi, it was completely the evening, but carried out exchange meeting sequentially in castle Aya Land of Kumamoto-shi.

We could perform various exchange of opinions including business explanation and activity report of mombasada and were able to spend very significant time.

Thank you, all of mombasada which had you participate.

About attractive dispatch of Kumamoto, I would appreciate your consideration from now on!


(we take a ceremonial photograph in the ruins of Hitoyoshi-jo Castle)

Group photo




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