Use of "red-light district - Kuma, Hitoyoshi that is the richest in Japan" logo mark

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Use of "red-light district Kuma, Hitoyoshi that is the richest in Japan" logo mark

We made "red-light district - Kuma, Hitoyoshi that was the richest in Japan" logo!

 We made logo mark as common image of Kuma, Hitoyoshi that area cooperated taking the opportunity of inheritance authorization of Kuma, Hitoyoshi area in Japan and publicized integrally and effectively.
 You use this logo mark and want to send charm of Kuma, Hitoyoshi area to the prefectural inside and outside.
 Please use (you do not take charge).

About logo mark

 It is logo mark that did scenery of mountain ranging in basin, flow of the magnificent Kuma River, star Rigel sending light 850 years before the time when the reign of Sagara began to ground, historic building of roof of thatch in motif.

Logo mark (basic form)Logo mark (variation 1)Logo mark (variation 2)
Basic formVariation 1Variation 2


Logo mark (variation 3)Logo mark (variation 4)Logo mark (variation 5)
Variation 3Variation 4Variation 5



About report in case of the use

 On the use of logo mark, I would like submission of use notification form based on the following use official regulations.




 The Kuma, Hitoyoshi regional sightseeing promotion meeting secretariat
 (Kumamoto Southern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters Kuma Area Promotion Bureau general affairs promotion section)
 〒868-8503 86-1, Nishiaidashimomachi, Hitoyoshi-shi, Kumamoto
 Phone number 0966-24-4113
 FAX number 0966-24-5761

We relate to this page

Kuma Area Promotion Bureau general affairs promotion section
86-1, Nishiaidashimomachi, Hitoyoshi-shi
Telephone: 0966-24-4112
Fax: 0966-24-5761
Email [email protected]
(ID: 15347)

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