Let's prevent food poisoning at refuge

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Food sanitation measures at the time of disaster occurrence

Temperature rises and becomes at increased risk of food poisoning development from now on.

When you perform distribution of boiled rice or supply of relief supplies in the refuge, please warn the following things from the viewpoint of food poisoning prevention as the appropriate handling of food is necessary.



Acceptance of food

(1) When we accept food, we open a part of the packing, and there is in consumption (appreciation) time limits, or let's confirm. When there are case and abnormality (bad smell, change of color) that expired, we return goods or will throw away.

   ※ There are food poisoning bacteria, taste do not understand only by being stinking. It is just emergency measure.

(2) We will fill in article name and consumption (appreciation) time limit in tables of cardboard box to know even if anyone looks at food which we accepted.


The handling of food

(1) When we cook, we serve cleanly, and let's cook by materials which are fresh in environment hygienic as possible, clean appliance. Let's perform hand-washing well.

(2) Eatables avoids and will eat heated thing.

(3) Thing which we cooked will eat early. Let's perform reheating well out of necessity when we keep.

(4) Food will keep in cool and dark space that temperature does not go up without receiving pollution from others. (let's choose place where does not get sunlight.)

(5) It will prevent animals such as pets from approaching place with food.

(6) Let's put without putting in the ground directly when we keep food by outdoor tents after spreading drainboards.

(7) When we distribute food, let's confirm consumption (appreciation) time limit.

(8) Let's cancel distribution promptly if we notice abnormal (bad smell, change of color).



About drinking water

Because pollution due to bacteria is possible, spring and well water will prevent them from drinking. When we are unavoidable, let's boil by all means.



Enforcement of hand-washing

(1) After the bathroom use, we will wash hand under running water using soap before cooking and meal after the handling of filth by all means.

(2) When there is not running water, we rub finger surgical spirit and reverse soap liquid in hand and are crowded and by drying afterwards, can expect some effect.  

  When there is other antiseptic solution, let's utilize them well. In addition, it is effective in cleanliness maintenance to cut fingernail into short pieces.

(3) Let's wash our hands by all means if we come back from going out.




(1) When we get sick, let's talk with doctor early.

(2) Person with food allergy will confirm whether allergen is not included in meal.













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