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Attention for change of quality of the water yaho ground base accompanied with outbreak of agriculture innovation support center information - (the enlargement) 2016 Kumamoto earthquake under the ground

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Attention (enlargement, April 20, 2016, information No. 9) for change of quality of the water yaho ground base accompanied with outbreak of 2016 Kumamoto earthquake under the ground 

 By a series of 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes that occurred from April 14, big damage of scale occurs, and change of change yaho ground base of the basement quality of the water is seen. Therefore, we have you note the following points and ask you to perform necessary measures immediately.
 In addition, it has top priority in personal security and, please be acted as aftershock continues, and dangerous point is in road yaho ground.

(1) Rice field (securing of rice field function of the front with products such as paddy-rice)
1. Land leveling of ho ground
 We confirm about cave-in, upheaval of the ho hall and step. Generally, difference in elevation necessary for cultivation is less than 5cm. (1)In the case of around 5-10cm, we secure land leveling of ho ground by luck soil before death by drowning, further scratching dai, and sometimes pulling squared lumber. Degree of accuracy is high when we use leveller (level) machine on then. (2)When difference in elevations are 10cm or more, public works are required.
 In addition, when difference in elevation is left, the back with product notes brisk water management, and sukumiringogai partial as needed takes measures when the depth of the water is deep and copes with Middle agent when effect of initial weed killer is not provided by on the surface of a field exposure.


2. Ridge, leak of water confirmation of slope narabiniho ground
 We confirm crack and damage. We perform ridge coating and the shore of furrow board setting as needed. We dig for cracks 20cm of the ho hall or more and perform stab hardening. When there is and has application of 1 kg/square meter of bentonite within crack hard, it is effective. Coming performs whether it is dai more carefully than usual. Because herbicidal effect is inferior to the back with product when reduction of water deep ga is big, we use granules not jumbo agent and floor bulldog agent.
※About land leveling and leak of water of ho ground, it is easy to turn out that we actually die by drowning in some after rain if possible. But you note security of the neighborhood enough, and perform as you may cause collapse from invisible cracks with death by drowning.
3. Business drains of water and provides equipment
 Of irrigation canal damage visually confirm, and check passing water of pipeline and faucet again.
4. Then, we contact counter in charge of district as we may become a target of disaster recovery project with public works in the case of the damaged situation of degree that cannot perform measures of 1-3 in individuals.
5. Liquefaction (*sa) is outbreak shiteiruho ground
 Because salt water may get mixed in what that cleared the condition mentioned above in (1) coast neighborhood with liquefaction (*sa) is outbreak shiteiruho ground, we confirm EC or salinity, and it is dai to find (2) water retentivity to perform de-salt when it is necessary, or, as for coming, part of (3) *sa to perform more carefully than usual examines application of tai moxacautery manure and increase manure of base manure (nitrogen, phosphoric acid, Cali, silicic acid) depending on mixture degree of sand in product in front of belonging to as nourishment manure I of the soil is low. By performing additional fertilizing based on growth diagnosis during cultivation, lose growth spot.
(2) Gardening product
1. Change of the quality of the water (EC) under the ground
 It is use shiteiruho ground with groundwater for carbonated water, and, by change of the ground and water vein, change may happen in the quality of the water or quantity of water. (1)Because water including ions sulfate may get mixed with groundwater about change of EC in salt water, Aso Valley in area near the coast, we confirm EC of water. When it is unsuitable for carbonated water, with use near at hand, we secure another water source. In addition, we perform de-salt by the next product when salt accumulates in the soil. (2)When clouded water appears, we are careful as filter may cause blocking. (we refer to following information No. 17)
2. Liquefaction (*sa) of ho ground
 Because liquefaction is area near the coast about outbreak shitaho ground, and salt water may get mixed, we confirm EC or salinity and perform de-salt as needed. In addition, as part of *sa has little the soil nourishment, we perform application such as tai moxacautery manure before the next product as needed and mix including original surface soil well.

※As for the soil, EC of water which is suitable for each crop and the salinity, see attachment 2 about attachment 1 filing as follows, method of de-salt.

Of well water accompanied with outbreak of 2016 Kumamoto earthquake is muddy, and take measures (June 8, 2016, information No. 17)

 Example that well water for carbonated water has muddy (information No. 9 mentioned above) that change is recognized in quantity of water and the quality of the water of groundwater by 2016 Kumamoto earthquake that occurred from April 14 in sand is confirmed in the wide range in the prefecture. It is thought that this cause is thing by underground water michino change or the earth and sand mixture in well. We take the following measures that sand filter has blocking immediately and affects carbonated water.
(measures 1)
 There is example to come back to clear water of the cause by spending the days for a while, and giving a large quantity of water. We use 10-14 days as a guide of one during the period.
(measures 2)
 We prepare cistern separately and precipitate sand and use supernatant liquid. We devise placement of pipe so that sand does not get mixed with carbonated water. When we need big storing water capacity, there is method to make kompane, and to create water tank by itself (in consultation with rainwater water tank assembling procedure of following Agricultural Research Center production environmental laboratory).
 When it is impossible to remove cloudiness by the above-mentioned measures or when it is not sand, and ingredient of cloudiness is iron content, we dig new well as it is difficult to remove and find water source separately.
 In addition, confirm by analysis as EC of groundwater may rise according to information No. 9 in area and Aso Valley near the shore.
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      Drop measures of the soil water retentivity accompanied with crack occurrence of 2016 Kumamoto earthquake niyoruho ground (June 27, 2016, information No. 20)new

      Because example that water retentivity of the soil may decrease as crack occurs underground appears, (information No. 9 mentioned above) that change of groundwater yaho ground base is accepted by 2016 Kumamoto earthquake that occurred from April 14 takes the following measures.
      1 paddy-rice
       We confirm ridge, crack and damage in slope narabiniho ground and sedimentation and, for prevention of leak of water and the non-land, perform ridge coating and the shore of furrow board setting as needed. It is dai, or, in place where liquefaction in particular occurred, coming performs more carefully than usual. But there is when leak of water occurs by invisible crack
      Sell. When reduction of water deep ga is big after the transplant, do not perform strong average airing.
      2 facility gardening
       As kobanto cracks, with earthquake occurrence, water retentivity of ho ground has drop (outbreak of bypass style), and example that may invite water deficit of increase of quantity of water necessary for carbonated water and the crops body is seen.
      1) Attention subekiho ground
       Of water to liquefaction (*sa), crack, the surface of the earth bleed, and need attention particularly with phenomenon such as much water flowing from culvert is confirmation saretaho ground. In addition, possibility that invisible crack occurs under point and the surface of the earth which are hard to notice is thought about. It is time of the end of the cultivation such as spring crops in winter, but there is not change, or confirm by viewing at the time of tidying up now in the multi-lower soil.
      2) Measures
       Measures such as blocking up exit of culvert which increases quantities of carbonated water (time, the number of times) while confirming soil water and growing power of a tree during the cultivation middle, and improving water retentivity are thought about.
       After cultivation, is deep as measures of the next product; till, and block up crack by dai kakino conduct. It is dai, or coming is easy to restore koban by making the soil structure single grain, but you consider original permeability of ho ground, and perform not to reduce permeability excessively. In addition, restoration with heavy industrial machine examines opening crack of place deeper than 40cm, too.

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