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[warning is not announced now] About news pertaining to photochemical smog

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■ There is no area announcing warning in Kumamoto now.


[the situation of the atmosphere environment of Kumamoto]

 PC, site https://kumamoto-taiki.jp for smartphone 
 Site https://kumamoto-taiki.jp/mobile/ for cell-phone



About result of a measurement (preliminary figure) of photochemical oxidant

1. Confirmation (preliminary figure) of measurements

  Please see the following homepage (you can see the latest information when we have "update" of data).

     ・You can see PC, site for smartphone here.

     ・You can see site for cell-phone here.

     ○Notation of "**** in preliminary figure list of the site mentioned above expresses during maintenance of apparatus or equipment failure average.

  When data (measurements more than ten days ago) which do not open to homepage want to be confirmed, matter in Kumamoto Environmental Conservation Division (TEL: 096-333-2269); go


2. The national air pollution situation

About correspondence policy of photochemical smog alarm

1. Official announcement of warning

   The ground where the pertinence measurement station exists when value exceeds 0.12 ppm for one hour of photochemical oxidant density, and it is admitted that the situation concerned continues judging from climatic condition

  We are announced by level.

2. Area classification of alerting

3. Cancellation information of warning

   When value is as follows 0.12 ppm in succession for two hours for one hour of the target measurement station, it lifts warning.

4. Indication of action at the time of warning official announcement

  ・ Should not become the outdoors.
  ・In school, kindergarten, the nursery school, you avoid exercise the outdoors as much as possible, and enter indoors.
  ・You wash your eyes, and person who felt stimulation in eyes or throat gargles, and contact the relations municipalities, public health center or prefectural Environmental Conservation Division.
  ・Person driving car, person who will drive from now on restrain themselves from service as much as possible.

5. Common knowledge of warning
  •    For the municipalities, related organizations (each prefectural relations section and prefectural public health center, Meteorological Agency, Kyushu district environment office), news media by the atmosphere environmental information email and FAX information
  •   We provide.
  •    We provide information by the atmosphere environmental information email for citizens of the prefecture.

   (email registration is necessary. Please see the following registration method;).   

  •    We disclose information about warning on homepage of the prefecture.


About "photochemical smog"

 ■With photochemical smog

   When nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon, volatile organic compounds (VOC) drained from car or factory catch strong ultraviolet rays from the sun; is ki by photochemical reaction

  We go and produce photochemical oxidants (oxidizing material) such as ozone.
   These photochemical oxidants collected, and, depending on climatic condition, white haze might come to appear. Call this state "photochemical smog"


 ■Precautions at the time of official announcement such as photochemical smog alarms

   Health hazard such as throat that we give eyes and throat stimulation when the density of photochemical oxidant rises, and eyes sting having a pain may be seen.
   If such a symptom comes out, at first, you perform measures such as gargling to wash eyes, and please rest quietly in bed.
   If symptoms such as numbness, dyspnea of hands and feet accrue when symptom is not restored, please consult doctor early.
   If photochemical oxidant warning, warning is announced, we avoid exercise the outdoors, and reserve, please enter going out indoors as much as possible. In addition, it is the direction of the wind

  Please take measures such as considering to come, and closing window of house.

 ■About photochemical smog alarm, warning

   Ministry of the Environment, National Institute for Environmental Studies combination HP (soramame you)

About the situation of the atmosphere environment of Kumamoto

  In the following homepage, we update result of a measurement such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, photochemical oxidant, carbon monoxide, suspended particulate matter (SPM), microparticulate matter (PM2.5) in real time.  

     ■About "the situation of the atmosphere environment of Kumamoto" (exclusive homepage) 

     PDF ■The air pollution station plan to continuously monitor

       [site for cell-phone]

  ■As for the environmental standard pertaining to air pollution of these materials, please see homepage of next Ministry of the Environment.

     Environmental standard (Ministry of the Environment site) pertaining to air pollution

The atmosphere environmental information mail delivery service

1. About the atmosphere environmental information email

■When we carry out and removed photochemical smog alarms, we deliver email.
○ Information to alert pertaining to microparticulate matter (PM2.5) is delivered.

※ The atmosphere environmental information email is delivered only to the following cases by mail.
  (we do not deliver every day by mail)
 ・PM2. When 5 measurements may exceed temporary guideline
 ・When photochemical smog alarm, warning is announced

 Person that mail delivery is hoped for would like registration.

2. Registration method of the atmosphere environmental information email

 Please register according to procedure of next (1) - (4).
 (1)Please send email of the sky using cell-phones which you wish to deliver to lower e-mail address.

    [email protected]     sky@123123.tv

 (2) Email, please click URL of end of a sentence automatically from [[email protected]] several minutes later as it is replied.
 (3)As registration screen is displayed, you choose the requirements, and please choose registration button.
 (4)It is registration completion in this. Whenever delivery email comes, registration deletion, registration contents change is possible.
    PDF The atmosphere environmental information email registration guidance

  ※In where reply does not reach even if we send email of the sky, confirmation of the next setting, please.
 (1) Please set domain (123123.tv)-designated reception.
 (2) I would like setting so that URL email belonging to receives by reception setting of email.
 (3) In the case of au, "the inside", please set "spoofing regulation" below.
 (4) "Mail sending of the sky" → web connection → I would like indication of "sign-in page" and confirmation to subscribing.

    PDF Setting method of domain-designated reception

 It varies according to contracts with mobile phone carrier of registrant, but it may cost reception expense of around 2 yen because of one email.

3. About Kumamoto disaster prevention information email service

 In Kumamoto, we tell cell-phone and PC about weather warning and tsunami warning, warnings such as heavy rain or flood, information such as evacuation advisory, instructions by E-mail as disaster prevention information email service.

 ※Disaster prevention information email service and the atmosphere environmental information email are another service.

 Disaster prevention information email service that delivery is hoped for, please work on registration on the next homepage.



The Kumamoto-shi environment station Environmental Policy Division in Kumamoto-shi
           TEL 096-328-2427

The Kumamoto-shi outside Kumamoto Department of Environment and Residential Life environment station Environmental Conservation Division
           TEL 096-333-2269

We will cope at the nearest public health center. 
   Public health center name       Phone number        Fax         Jurisdiction
  Ariake public health center     0968-72-2184    0968-74-1721    Tamana-shi, Arao-shi, Tamana-gun
  Yamaga public health center     0968-44-4121    0968-44-4123    Yamaga-shi, Kamoto-gun
  Kikuchi public health center     0968-25-4135    0968-25-5457    Kikuchi-shi, Kikuchi-gun
  Aso public health center     0967-24-9035    0967-24-9031    Aso-shi, Aso-gun
  Mifune public health center     096-282-0041    096-282-3117    Kamimashiki-gun
  Uki public health center     0964-32-1148    0964-32-2426    Uto-shi, Uki-shi, Shimomashiki-gun  
  Yatsushiro public health center     0965-33-3198    0965-33-6321    Yatsushiro-shi, Yatsushiro-gun
  Minamata public health center     0966-63-4104    0966-63-3289    Minamata-shi, Ashikita-gun
  Hitoyoshi public health center     0966-22-3107    0966-22-4392    Hitoyoshi-shi, Kuma-gun
  Amakusa public health center     0969-23-0172    0969-22-0455    Amakusa-shi, Kamiamakusa-shi, Amakusa-gun


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