Drink liquor of Kumamoto; reconstruction aid!

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   Drink liquor of Kumamoto; reconstruction aid! (let's follow liquor culture of Kumamoto!)


 Under the influence of Kumamoto earthquake, heavy damage occurs to manufacturing facility and product in plural warehousemans, shuhanten. Furthermore, historic building including sake brewery is damaged, and "reddish sweet sake" which is traditional liquor of Kumamoto suffers serious damage, and liquor culture of historical Kumamoto is exposed to crisis.

 We have many of you drink liquor of delicious Kumamoto by all means and we pray to have you cooperate with reconstruction aid and add.


 We carried out "liquor consumption expansion promotion business of Kumamoto" in 2015 to plan consumption expansion of liquor from Kumamoto and activation of the prefecture alcoholic beverages industry in the prefecture and, as one of the approaches, made "liquor perfection of Kumamoto".

 In reference to this perfection, please find out liquor of Kumamoto of oneself preference.


・Kumamoto brewing association's HP



・Kumashochu brewing association


 ※After liquor became 20 years old.

 ※Drink-driving is prohibited by law.

 ※The pregnancy average and drinking nursing might adversely affect growth of fetus, baby.

 ※Liquor is appropriate amount happily.


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