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About public announcement of financial circumstances (June, 2016)

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Financial circumstances —Summary - June, 2016 public announcement of Kumamoto finance

About this Document

 We announce these "financial circumstances" regularly twice every year to have you deepen understanding about the situation of prefectural finance or main measures by telling citizens of the prefecture about the situation of prefectural finance administration, and to get cooperation about promotion of future prefectural government.

 We will explain the summary about the situation of revised budget in the second half of the year, the 2015 execution of budget situation, the situation of tax burden of citizen of the prefecture, the situation of owned by a prefecture condition of property and government enterprise accounts this time in contents, 2015 of original budget in 2016.


 Prospect of 1 local finance

   Basic way of thinking of 2 2016 original budget formation

 Summary of 3 2016 original budgets

 1 general account

 2 special accounts

    • PDF The execution of budget situation With new window(PDF: 274.2 kilobytes) in third 2015
 1 general account execution of budget situation

 2 special accounts execution of budget situation

 The income situation of 1 prefectural tax

 The situation of tax burden of 2 citizens of the prefecture

  Summary of the taxation system revision main in reference 2016

 The situation of 1 prefectural debt

 The situation of 2 short-term loans

 1 land, building

 2 forest

 3 movable property

 4 real right

 5 patent rights

 6 securities

 Right by 7 investments

 Beneficiary right of trust of 8 real estate

 9 funds

 1 electric power industry

 2 water for industrial use ways business

 3 toll parking lots business

 4 hospitals business

 ・Main matter (bureaus) of appended chart 1 2016 original budget

 ・Comparison (general account) with appended chart 2 28, Heisei fiscal budget and 27, Heisei fiscal budget

 ・Comparison (special accounts) with appended chart 3 28, Heisei fiscal budget and 27, Heisei fiscal budget

 ・The revision situation (general account) of budget in the appended chart 4 2015 second half of the year

 ・The revision situation (special accounts) of budget in the appended chart 5 2015 second half of the year

 ・The appended chart 6 2015 prefectural tax income situation

  About financial statements of reference 1 2014 Kumamoto

  About collection of financial status materials of reference 2 Kumamoto (2014 financial statements)


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