About Kumamoto forest maintenance local action support grant

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About Kumamoto forest maintenance local action support grant


(1) Purpose of grant system

"Let's review the forest!"

 The forest maintenance local action support grant becomes the collection of hodokoshigyo by the forest owners and is business to support based on the municipalities and agreements such as the forest owners about expense to carry out local action that is essential for conduct of moririnhodokoshigyo.

 We make possible effective forestry production activity by making the forest dispersing in small scale the collection, and carrying out hodokoshigyo integrally and are expected to be connected for display of multiple functions that the forest has, and eventually.



(2) Eligible people of support

 Owner that the collection is necessary for becoming based on agreement with head of municipality and person (the forest owner, forestry owners' association, forestry business entity) who performs local actions such as boundary confirmation, the forest investigation, simple improvement of existing way network



(3) Period of business

From 2017 (Heisei 29) to 2021 (Raiwa 3) (the fourth)



(4)The execution situation of the forest maintenance local action support grant fund
















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