Kumamoto administrative appeal society

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Summary of 1 Kumamoto administrative appeal society

 Names such as the council

 Kumamoto administrative appeal society

 Setting grounds The Kumamoto administrative appeal society regulations

 Matter to be in charge of

 Including the appropriate nature and laws and ordinances interpretation of trial procedure that member of trial performed depending on question of examination agency, we do study and deliberation about validity of judgment of examination agency to raise objectivity, fairness characteristics of decision of disposal of administrative agency or query about inaction and report.
 Public deliberation in Houses, closed distinction Some exhibitions (closed about exhibition, procedure for study and deliberation about tax dispute case about matters pertaining to administration of examination committee.)
 Reason in case of secrecy Because it is assumed as for the procedure for study and deliberation about tax dispute case that non-disclosed information prescribed in each access to information law Article 7 issue is included, it provides with secrecy in Kumamoto administrative appeal society regulations enforcement regulations Article 4.
 Department in charge

 The Department of General Affairs general affairs private school station Prefectural Information and Archives Division




  • 2 administrative appeals society committee member list

     (term: for from April 1, 2020 (Raiwa 2) to March 31, 2022 (Raiwa 4))

                               (the order of the kana syllabary, honorific title abbreviation)

    Full namePosts 

    Koichi who came over 

    Koichi Ideta



    Nobuharu Obinata

    Kumamoto University law department's professor


    Kayo Kurata

    Kumamoto University law department's professor 

    Toshimitsu who lets you cry

    Toshimitsu Nakatsugi

    Licensed tax accountant

    Nakazono rise

    Michiyo Nakazono

    Administrative experienced person


    Yoko Fudo

    Administrative experienced person



As a result of 3 administrative appeals society

(1) General meeting

・2016 (Heisei 28)

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