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What is Kumamoto art police?

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Process, background

There is process that has buried alley where extremely common building was allocated for mechanically as which "town" is common in process of the modernization of Japan, and having fallen into.
  • Rebuilding is accomplished in around 20 years why Japanese "town" is. Even if structure becomes more solid steel frame, steel reinforced concrete from wooden construction, it is the current situation that most of these cycles are not strange.
  • It became the times to seek not only the richness of thing but also the richness of heart, and building which considered design came to be merely demanded from building of pursuit only for functionality socially.
    Reached rebuilding time of the second after the war and have begun to be incorporated from simple rebuilding to program of urban redevelopment; art police business began these days in 1988 (Showa 63).



 We promote "Kumamoto art police" that to raise interest in environmental design, and Kumamoto plans improvement of urbiculture and building culture and creates cultural assets remaining for Kumamoto as the culture information place of dispatch in history.
  •  We perform (plan, public information, personnel training business) such as "project business" or various events, public information business to introduce designer whom commissioner recommended from the inside and outside of country to participation business owner to achieve purpose of this business.
  •  Furthermore, it commends "prize for Kumamoto art police promotion" (honoring business) from 1995 to have you deepen understanding of citizens of the prefecture widely.



     We appoint Commissioner art police to carry out art police smoothly and perform instruction, advice for suggestion, designer of plan, public information of art police, recommendation of designer pertaining to project and designer choice method and business owner.

     In addition, we appoint adviser and promote art police with commissioner.


    Commissioner Kumamoto art police Toyo Ito

                           Project that art police business participates in intends for facility concerned with not only building but also various structures, scenery maintenance and life including the field of public art widely and decides to carry out in whole prefecture and appeals to not only the thing which the prefecture carries out regardless of big things and small things of scale by oneself but also municipalities and private enterprise for participation widely.
                       Project intends for thing which we can expect that the effect develops as expanse of by planning improvement of quality in the environmental design sides.
                    ・We have a big influence like town. ・Thing that consideration is necessary for natural environments and scenery.
                    ・Sightseeing, resort, product facility need to plan maintenance from the viewpoint of local activation.
                    ・Thing which needs consideration on scale of blocks of housing developments.
                    ・Of publicity to play its part that is important in area is high.
                    ・In addition, we need consideration in particular.


       We shall appoint high architect of evaluation or designer and spirited architect who is promising in the future regardless of the inside and outside of country to become index of local environmental design in conduct of project, and, about the choice of the personnel, commissioner shall perform.


      Flow of project business

      ○Prize business "prize for Kumamoto art police promotion"
      We install "Kumamoto art police promotion Prize" from 1995 to honor about superior buildings of various places throughout the prefecture, and to raise interest in building culture.


      Prize for Kumamoto art police promotionWe open with the other window

      ○Plan, public information, personnel training business

       The public information spread works about purpose and purpose, activities to raise interest of citizen of the prefecture in this business, and to get active participation in art police project, and PR works even if we turn to outside the prefecture.
       ・Public information that we turn on news media
       ・Issuance [art police news] such as poster, brochure, newsWe open with the other window
       ・Issuance of introduction magazine
       ・Holding [event information] such as visit societyWe open with the other window

       ・Holding [event information] such as symposiumsWe open with the other window

       ・Acceptance [inspection, visit] of visits such as art police projectsWe open with the other window




      • Is the whole country's first attempt, Kumamoto's original, is thinking that is individual, and is greatly useful for life creation of attractive culture.
      • In addition, we attract attention as new technique of town development, and art police business penetrates program of regional activation.
      • Target project wins many prizes commencing with Architectural Institute of Japan Best Picture Award, and social cultural significance and achievement of the whole business are evaluated in 1993 and win "Architectural Institute of Japan culture Prize", and project of art police participation gets high evaluation for building.
      • List of art police receiving a prize

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