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Kuma technical high school management ridge summary

Building summary
Facility name

Kumamoto Prefectural Kuma technical high school management ridge

The location

Hitoyoshi-shi, Kumamoto

Building use


Structure, scale

W zoichibu RC zo 2 stories, 3-story (roofed passage connecting buildings) a total of 1,736m2 in area building area 1,094m2 partly made of steel

Term of works

From July, 2012 to July, 2013

Total construction cost

466 1 million yen




Work station mode frontier, hagimine*keikyodotai

Concept, characteristic of building

We assume trapezoidal pilaster which laminated cedar squared lumber 180mm in width (a part 210) diagonally the main constitution materials and it is built along plane format that put hexagon together like hive and gives. As for the trapezoidal pilaster gathering in top for point of view, sound articulation does space gently and brings about continuity to various directions through triangular opening and constitutes the unique inside space such as cave spreading into a maze form. In addition, refreshing feels of fresh and young tree overflow inside, and skylight inserts from the triangle top of pilaster, and wind goes through from opening. It comprises not only the use of the staff but also library room for student, material reading room.

Appearance PerthIntrospectiveness Perth

Progress of construction

The appearance 1The appearance 2The appearance 3The appearance 5The appearance 6Introspectiveness 1Introspectiveness 2Introspectiveness 3Introspectiveness 4

Thought of designer

Thought work station Hiroshi Takahashi to Kuma technical high school new management ridge "cave of tree"

 We enter Hitoyoshi Basin that we opened brightly suddenly at Yatsushiro when we go by train along the Kuma River flowing through deep valley. Hitoyoshi-shi prospers as way station of way when we look at the fields spreading around rich water and knows that we brought up rich culture well.
 There is Kuma technical high school in slightly elevated hillside of Hitoyoshi-shi, and campus and building group which performed basic design make the world unique at all, and elephant design group gives. It was difficult problem to suggest new management ridge here, but we performed suggestion called "cave of tree" which symbolized the rich forest and unique tradition architecture course of Kuma district of Kuma technical high school while making use of experience that suggested interchange hall of wooden construction roof which knit basket as art police participation project in Ashikitamachi, and cooperating with two drawing offices which held support in Minamata-shi and had, fortunately, you choose by competition.
 In March, 2013 when eight months passed since the start of construction of July, 2012, laminating wall of tree of characteristic inverse triangle is finally built in this building and begins to go up, and the approximate inside space appears in April. As for presence, the eyes of overwhelming tree wall, wall can experience "cave of tree" invited to the depths by light to insert from various places when we enter the spot while it is shut out. We aim and go ahead the completion of July to finish process at a fast pace, but want to make comfortable place that was full of life in daily activity of students in various places of teacher and the staff for strength and refreshing feel of space that overwhelming tree has carefully from now on.
 A lot of from Kuma technical high school comes to craftsmen, too and we work and make use of each thought in the spot director beginning, everybody. Active student comes for visit frequently and raises the morale of on-site people. We work while having will of everybody to become memorable building.

Thought work station Akiko Takahashi to Kuma

 The spot of higher Kuma mechanic where we finally approached for the final stage.
 Days to receive the spot photograph and inquiry in progress every day, and to answer immediately. We pass if we receive ball! In meaning called this, the current correspondence presents aspect of ball game.
 In this spot, imagination is not turned on from the word wooden two-storied house, too; a large quantity of the number of sheets, type working drawing together. Of course there is specialty of pilaster structure, too, but big cause is part of 1,000m2 division and roofed passage connecting buildings. There is no thing that is complicated by tree, concrete, steel frame, scramble of expansion joint any further. There are a lot of places that cannot easily become rule. Let alone control, difficulty of construction side is greater, too.
 And trouble grows in breath and believes that we lead to the completion safely. So that original concept will become according to "building which wants to take a deep breath" then.


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