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Obiyama A housing complex under prefectural management

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It is photograph of Obiyama A housing complex under prefectural management

 This design plan was adopted in Kumamoto art police participation project by the first open competition.
 In average residential area, this building gives landmark and presence that it is while having association with the best housing complex in adjacent Hotakubo.
 "Skywalk" to tie up house ridge comprised of three to produces new movement in building.

<building summary>

 We divide 52 dwelling units into three ridges, and building does with placement around courtyard, and each house ridge has the complicated volume by dwelling unit of ten kinds of types. We prepare open space into middle floor by piloti and can conclude a variety of relations of people. We enhanced han gi, activity of building more by access route (skywalk) which floated in the air in the open space. We arrange shading from the sun representing arch on the roof and create continuities with awning of the adjacent "best housing complex in Hotakubo".

It is photograph of Obiyama A housing complex under prefectural managementIt is photograph of Obiyama A housing complex under prefectural management

Photo: Yasuhiko Kiyoshima, "new building" photograph department

<building data>

Name Obiyama A housing complex under prefectural management
Furigana keneiobiyama A housing complex
The location 1-23, Obiyama, Kumamoto-shi
Main uses Apartment house
The business main constituent Kumamoto
Designer shin*shimon
 Building Inside group, Kimura Kensetsu
 Electricity Singularity Denki Kogyo, one Dengyo Corporation
 Hygiene Public Sakae facilities industry, Giken Kogyo, Sanshin airplane mechanic
Plottage 4,888m2
Building area 1,304m2
Total floor area 3,877m2
Number of floors The fifth floor above the ground
Structure Steel reinforced concrete construction +1 copy steel-frame building
Outside finish  
 Roof Rubber sheet waterproofing, Galvalume corrugated sheet
 Outer wall Concrete strong beat, the Galvalume copper sheet corner wave
Construction period From March, 1991 to March, 1992
Total construction cost 635 1 million yen

<receiving a prize data>

1992 All-based prizes (Japan Construction Engineers' Association)

<architect profile>

It is niinoshimonsanno photograph shin*shimon (niinoshimon)
1961 Kumamoto-shi birth
1986 Tama Art University Graduate School completion, Riken Yamamoto design factory entrance
1989 Independence
Main work
Asakusa toy Kumamoto shop, house of Hanazonocho

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