Message hemp housing complex managed by Kumamoto-shi

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Message hemp housing complex managed by Kumamoto-shi

 Rebuilding plan for three quarters of low-rise building housing complex of about 4ha built in the late 1960s.
 It is calm residential area in gentle hill country reaching to northeastern part, Aso of Kumamoto-shi.
 Three architects cooperate by this project and let it is various, and house ridge which three people designed each for opening-like environment mix.
 We constitute gateball field, children's park, open space, the murmuring while curving gently, and promenade (central city park) for exclusive use of walker running through the housing complex center becomes place of recreation and relaxation for inhabitants.

Photo: Shoichi Ishimaru, the KAP secretariat

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Name Message hemp housing complex managed by Kumamoto-shi
Furigana Bear housing complex which we could work as Kumamoto, and there was
The location 3-2, Nishibaru, Kumamoto-shi
Main uses Apartment house
The business main constituent Kumamoto-shi
Designer Kazunari Sakamoto + Itsuko Hasegawa + Yasumitsu Matsunaga
 Central city park Kamizono construction, Matsunaga electric facilities (electricity), Sanshin facilities industry (hygiene)
 Outdoor electricity Okazaki Electric construction
 The outside road light Art neon illumination company
 Outdoor water supply and drainage Higo facilities, the wide truth facilities industry
 Vacuum-style garbage collection facilities Marubeni
 Planting The sun green, turf mechanic company landscape gardening engineering works, ginkgo tree planting garden
Plottage 35,873m2
Construction period From December, 1990 to April, 1994
Total construction cost 5,359 1 million yen

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1995 The seventh house month person who has rendered distinguished services commendation Ministry of Construction Director Sumitaku commendation
1996 Architectural Institute of Japan work selection

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