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Chinatown Area housing complex D managed by Kumamoto-shi

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Chinatown Area housing complex D managed by Kumamoto-shi

 Scenery along chaotic road to see anywhere.
 And flow and speed of cars markedly more than the number of people walking.
 Tie house ridge into a linear shape in this Chinatown Area housing complex D to agree with the situation and is located along prefectural road.
 As a result, we create rich slope open space by the immensity surrounded by the contralateral south side with E ridge which curved with prefectural road.


Building summary

 Municipal house which lived with plant which grew thick by long time here, and created unique atmosphere and space by invention of the hand was built once into a hina step form. We carve a seal by form and color in this house ridge for indecency that is like opening to be common to the warm Southeast Asia region felt in the space, and is unique and memory of energy. We decide to let stairs open outside, and they protrude as solution of gloomy, chaotic space of visiting stairs of conventional public housing, and the form different each and stairs of color are signatures to show approach to each dwelling unit of long house ridge clearly and are device to guide to the dwelling unit inside while viewing scenery of the north side.


Chinatown Area housing complex D managed by Kumamoto-shi

Chinatown Area housing complex D managed by Kumamoto-shi

Photo: Shoichi Ishimaru


<building data>

Name Chinatown Area housing complex D managed by Kumamoto-shi
Furigana kumamotoshieishinchidanchi D
The location 1924, Chinatown Area, Shimizu-cho, Kumamoto-shi, 1953
Main uses Apartment house
The business main constituent Kumamoto-shi
Designer Hiroshi Nishioka
 Building Sword construction, Takeuchi Komuten +3 good luck total work JV, the sun home + sanhirome home JV, airport construction
 Electricity Showa Denko Corporation, bear north electric facilities, Miya den, Fukuda disaster prevention industry
 Hygiene Resurrection positive facility industry, kumahondenki*yo + Middle Kyushu Daikin air conditioning JV, the first plane mechanic, Shoei facilities
Plottage 29,117m2
Building area 5,037m2
Total floor area 13,615m2
Number of floors The third floor above the ground, some the fourth floor
Structure Steel reinforced concrete construction
Outside finish  
 Roof Seat waterproofing
 Outer wall We put 50 angles of acrylic lysine blowing + mosaic tiles
Construction period From January, 1993 to June, 1995
Total construction cost 3,616 1 million yen

<architect profile>

It is photograph of Hiroshi Nishioka Hiroshi Nishioka (nishiokahiroshi)
1945 Gunma birth
1970 Kanto Gakuin University department of engineering architecture subject graduation
1970 through 84 Arata Isozaki atelier duty, it is engaged in design of the Kyushu area and control mainly
1984 We establish Hiroshi Nishioka architecture studio in Fukuoka-shi and continue up to the present day
1992 We take office as part-time teacher in Kyushu University, Kyushu Sangyo University
Main work
Flower shop majiokiddo (SD review case choice), Seaside Momochi house with an inner court (SD review Asakura Prize receiving a prize)
House Obiyama A housing complex design competition award for excellence managed by Kumamoto
Gym ZETA. Hoshino ware pavilion
The no country wooden house prize highest award full of the Goto's house seventh
Sada's house sixth Fukuoka house culture prize award
(tentative name) Sendai-shi modern Literature Museum design competition award for excellence

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