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Shirakawa Bridge scenery maintenance

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It is photograph of Shirakawa Bridge scenery maintenance

 Shirakawa which crosses the center in Kumamoto-shi diagonally.
Many bridges were built, and each played a role that it was indispensable to life of people in this river.
This Shirakawa Bridge is located in the front of JR Kumamoto Station that is doorway of the land of Kumamoto.
This construction performed the renewal.
Expression "of wonderful" town that remained in memory for person who visited town let alone people who lived in land, last people came out afresh.

Building summary

 "Bridge" in city area has unique attractive extensity as road on merely river. This plan regained this bridge space connected directly with Kumamoto Station in space "for" human being and intended to do in bridge with originality to remain in memory. Road surface pattern and street furniture one which we made use of feel of texture to recall cutaneous sensation in will provoke interest to "place" of people.
 In addition, "premature start light" which line of continues is art object glistening with sunlight overhead and drops shower of positive shadow. It is art object of light that self-protean light emitting light gradually takes shape before long and floats in the world of sumi black.
 Shirakawa Bridge will be carved with as memory of scenery "of town of unique" new Kumamoto without kind.

It is photograph of Shirakawa Bridge scenery maintenanceIt is photograph of night view of Shirakawa Bridge scenery maintenance

<building data>

Name Shirakawa Bridge scenery maintenance
Furigana shirakawabashikeikanseibi
The location Nihongi, Kumamoto-shi
Main uses Bridge
The business main constituent Kumamoto
Designer Kazuko Fujie
Builder  Takesue construction
Mayor of bridge 148.7m
Width 20.0m
Construction period From March, 1992 to November, 1992
Total construction cost 209 1 million yen

<receiving a prize data>

1994 Prize for lighting spread (Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan Kyushu Branch)

<architect profile>

It is photograph of Kazuko Fujie Kazuko Fujie (we get wisteria and wear)
1947 Toyama birth
1968 Musashino art junior college design department graduation
1969 Mayumi Miyawaki architecture laboratory entrance
1973 Pea planning entrance
1977 The Fujie atelier sponsorship
1987 Kazuko Fujie atelier establishment
Now We act as lecturer in Chiba University
Main work
KIRIN plaza Osaka, Tama municipal compound cultural facilities, TEPIA, Tokyo Dental College Suidobashi building, Toyama Prefectural museum (the above interior and furniture design)
Receiving a prize career
1989 Association of Japanese quotient ring boundary artificer dealer environmental design prize award for excellence
1990 Association of Nippon Interior designer prize

  PHOTO: Shigeru Ono, the KAP secretariat

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