Ishiuchi Dam museum

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Ishiuchi Dam museum

Ishiuchi Dam museum

 Ishiuchi Dam appears suddenly when we enter among the mountains at founded JR Ishiuchi Dam Station. Ishiuchi Dam museum standing in the neighbor is facility to view dam and neighboring nature at the same time while learning about function of dam, living including structure of river improvement, irrigation and relation of water happily.
 In addition, it is place of rest of people visiting here as base around dam lake made park.
 Sightseeing point of Sankakucho came out newly again.

Building summary

 This museum is wrapped in beautiful environment where nature which is full of green to surround that blends with huge dam. In museum, it is component that two are particularly important of display hall and fine-view lobby. It is simplified geometric constitution that point was placed in quality of space changing dynamically.
 Display hall is 4 by RC flat slab structure in space transmitting various information to visitor. We have studding of 4m. Fine-view lobby floats with cylindrical steel frame structure of 4m in diameter lightly in the air to become opening-like space coming across dam and natural scenery. It is effective bearing wall structurally, and big wall which curved put in these two space is design to take nature spreading near at hand like palm.

Ishiuchi Dam museum


Ishiuchi Dam museum


Building data


Ishiuchi Dam museum


It is Ishiuchi

The location

Misumimachinakamura, Uki-shi character eight Kubo 3629-2
Main uses Museum
The business main constituent Kumamoto, Sankakucho (existing Uki-shi)
Designer Keiichi Irie


Makoto construction


Kuwada electric facilities


Amakusa facilities


Mitsubishi electricity
Plottage 1,481m2
Building area 520m2
Total floor area 455m2
Number of floors The second floor above the ground

Steel reinforced concrete construction

Some steel-frame buildings

Outside finish  


Seat waterproofing shindakonkurito gold gote weight

 Outer wall

It is some AEP after concrete strong beat water repellency agent double application
Construction period From October, 1992 to March, 1993 (except display construction)
Total construction cost 247 1 million yen (except display construction)


Receiving a prize data


The fourth Gengo Matsui Prize

The architecture of the Year prize

1995Architectural Institute of Japan work selection


Architect profile

It is iriekeiichisanno photograph

Keiichi Irie (we can need Keiichi)

1950Tokyo birth

Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School architecture department completion

Tokyo Institute of Technology Shinohara laboratory

1980Inlet architecture drawing office establishment
1987We are renamed to power unit studio

[main work] 

House (Tokyo) of Sangubashi, house of Chiba, Tamagawagakuen apartment complex (Kanagawa), caravan (Sydny), toransufigyureshon (Brusseles), Bean House (Tokyo), W House (Tokyo)

[receiving a prize career]

1991Tokyo authorized architect society special prize

The architecture of the Year prize

1996Yoshioka Prize

PHOTO: Industry not to see, Shoichi Ishimaru

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