Septic tank to all of the use

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Septic tank to all of the use

 Person managing septic tank is obliged to carry out undergoing an examination of [legal inspection] other than conduct of [maintenance check] [cleaning] by law.
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Maintenance check

 We perform check, adjustment, repair, supply of disinfectant and adjustment of Bloy to keep function of septic tank normally.
 Maintenance check manufacturers where registration is made in Kumamoto and Kumamoto-shi are as follows.
・Registration supplier (supplier to assume business area any place other than area of Kumamoto-shi) of Kumamoto…Please be careful about registering business areas
                                            • ・Registration supplier (supplier who assumes only area of Kumamoto-shi business area) of Kumamoto-shi
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We perform drawer and adjustment such as sludge which accrued in septic tank, cleaning or washing of apparatuses.

Environmental hygienist who received permission of the municipalities performs cleaning of septic tank.


Legal inspection

 Septic tank is installed appropriately [maintenance check] and judges how to use maintenance and septic tanks such as [cleaning] once a year whether it is appropriate, or we take discharge water from septic tank to go again, and the discharge quality of the water (BOD) meets water-quality standard based on laws and ordinances according to laws and ordinances.
 << association of nonprofit foundation Kumamoto septic tank >> which is designated inspection engine of Kumamoto performs this legal inspection.

Septic tank is "creature"! Let's use definitely

Everyday management is important for septic tank. User, please warn the following point in everyday use.

(1) Lavation of restroom plays enough quantity
(2) We do not use medicines such as hydrochloric acid, nitric acid influencing microbe for cleaning of toilet
(3) It does not carry away alien substance except toilet paper to restroom
(4) We do not switch off blower (Bloy). We do not block up air scoop of blower. We do not block up blowport and exhaust pipe.
(5) We always close cover properly without putting thing on the manhole of septic tank
(6) Disinfectant of septic tank is not out of stock and is always sterilized.
(7) We do not drain vegetable paring or tempura oil from kitchen



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