About model house for the "Kumamoto model revival house" house rebuilding

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        • ★With "Kumamoto model revival house"★
    •  We are strong in earthquake and are wooden house by construction such as local engineering firms which have a high quality, and considered cost reduction using materials such as regional wood from area. In cooperation with house, building affiliate and wood affiliate in the prefecture, we decide to spread this Kumamoto model revival houses to support the house rebuilding of victim in the prefecture.


    •  As this approach, we build three model houses in Mashiki-machi techno temporary construction housing complex in the prefecture. In addition, Kumamoto area model revival house promotion meeting consisting of affiliates recruits groups (local producer group) such as engineering firms working on construction of Kumamoto model revival house and gathers house which there was of suggestion in guidebook and performs reporting.


State of display conferenceState 2 of display conferenceState 3 of display conference
■State (November 3, 2017/prefectural office large meeting room under the ground) of "Kumamoto model revival house" model plan display, conference

 Local house producer group, cause, about 150 people of model house display company participation came.

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Guidance of "Kumamoto model revival house" model house exhibit space

 In Mashiki-machi techno temporary construction housing complex, we display three model houses in total.

 Anyone can observe casually and can do consultation for construction.


 (business hours)

  From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

   ※Wednesday, Thursday         : Regular holiday

   ※Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday :When visit is hoped for, please refer beforehand. (we may be absent.)

   ※On Sunday             : Business day (advance notice is not necessary.)

 Contact information

   ・Building No. 1: 096-234-7769 (KKN)

   ・Building No. 2: 096-383-3200 (the (public corporation) Kumamoto authorized architect society secretariat)

   ・Building No. 3: 0966-22-8320 or 090-8911-3830 (atelier k+ architecture office)


 Guide mapAccess

 Contact information

 For more information about model house, please contact each secretariat of display group 3 group of list shown below each.

 ■Display group 3 association of "Kumamoto model revival house" model house

Contact information

 Display group name



Group summary 

 The secretariat


 [Building No. 1] KKN (Kumamoto engineering firm network)
  • PDF KKN With new window(PDF: 806.5 kilobytes)

Group consisting of 64 prefecture engineering firms.

Based on disaster agreement, we are concerned with more than 500 construction among temporary housing as constitution association of zemmokukyo.

 TOSO 096-289-3377 
 [Building No. 2] House group of authorized architect society, Kumamoto revival  Group which was constructed by designer, builder who centered on Kumamoto authorized architect society, and local model was green, and worked on business. (public corporation) The Kumamoto authorized architect society secretariat 096-383-3200
 [Building No. 3] Itsuki source (feeling) house reconstruction aid team  Group which was constructed by designer, builder concerned with Itsuki source house (kills leaf from Itsuki-mura house using dry materials) Atelier k+ architecture office



 ※Building body price (option is excluded.) is all 10 million yen or less (tax-excluded). Land purchase costs, ground-making expenses, the ground improvement construction cost, outside plumbing equipment construction cost, outward appearance construction cost, hot water supply apparatus, septic tank, air-conditioner, curtain, the fixtures furniture, various procedure expenses, various taxes are necessary separately.


■Photograph of "Kumamoto model revival house" model house

[Building No. 1] KKN (Kumamoto engineering firm network)

161202KKN appearance (1)161202KKN appearance (2)170222 model 1 introspectiveness


[Building No. 2] House group of authorized architect society, Kumamoto revival

170113 appearance 2170113 appearance 1170222 model houses 2 introspectiveness


[Building No. 3] Itsuki source (feeling) house reconstruction aid team

170321 model house Building No. 3 (1)Building No. 3 appearance 2Model house Building No. 3 introspectiveness


We distribute "Kumamoto model revival house" guidebook

    •  The first floor of the prefectural office Main Building information plaza, municipalities window (we remove some municipalities.) It is available at the, Kumamoto area model revival house promotion meeting secretariat (association of Kumamoto authorized architect office) and distributes for free in model house exhibit space in Mashiki-machi techno temporary construction housing complex, each seminar, conference venue.
      Guidebook cover  ※PDF data of guidebook are available from this. With new window(external link)



With earthquake proofing class 3

  It is standard of class 3 set of evaluation method standard (2001 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism notification No. 1347) 1-1 earthquake proofing class (prevention such as collapse of structure skeleton) based on law (1999 law No. 81) about promotion of securing of quality of house, and it is the highest standard in three phases. For power of 1.5 times of power caused by earthquake (it reaches earthquake (intensity 6 upper - 7 to occur around once in large-scale earthquake (several hundred years of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake class))) to assume in Building Standard Act, we show that we have collapse, performance that does not collapse.

 Specifically, securing of quantity of wall, placement of good wall of balance, security of appropriate section dimensions that accepted length at interval of materials to laterally bridge, reinforcement of junction, basic reinforcement are necessary.

 In addition, we assume that human life does not do spoiled way of breaking and take measures not to do collapse, collapse and do not guarantee that we are not damaged at all (no damage).

The big damage is not seen and, in 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, is reported house of earthquake proofing class 3 as majority was no damage. (than committee's report performing diagnostication of building damage in Kumamoto earthquake in September, 2016.)



With Kumamoto area model revival house promotion meeting

  Kumamoto, (self-activity) home-financing support mechanism Kyushu Branch, building, meeting to constitute in wood-related 12 group in the prefecture.

 We try for the spread of "Kumamoto model revival house".

 (constitution group) Kumamoto architecture examination center, Kumamoto building house center, (public corporation) Kumamoto authorized architect society, Kumamoto authorized architect office association, (public corporation) Japan Institute of Architects Kyushu branch office Kumamoto area society, Kumamoto architecture association, Kumamoto excellence housing association, Kumamoto engineering firm network, Kumamoto building society federation, Kumamoto architecture labor union, Kumamoto wood association federation, Kumamoto forestry owners' association federation



Past "Kumamoto model revival house" related information

    Holding (PDF: 112.7 kilobytes) of 171103 "Kumamoto model revival house" model plan display, conference We open with the other window

   PDF The "Kumamoto model revival house" where victim builds 170424 model houses in standard first building is completed! With new window(PDF: 102.3 kilobytes)

   PDF 170321 model house Building No. 3 opens With new window(PDF: 155.2 kilobytes)

 GuidancePDF seminar flyer With new window(PDF: 967.1 kilobytes) of the "Kumamoto model revival house" house rebuilding, the ground, financing seminar 

 "Kumamoto model revival house" house informationPDF house conference flyer With new window(PDF: 616.4 kilobytes) of conference

 PDF Celebration of the completion of the framework, rice cake-throwing of 170220 model house Building No. 3 is carried out With new window(PDF: 329.7 kilobytes)

 PDF Holding With new window(PDF: 257.6 kilobytes) of 170131 "Kumamoto model revival house" model plan display conference

 PDF 170118 house rebuilding seminar guidance flyers With new window(PDF: 148.5 kilobytes)

 PDF We decided 161026 display group 2 groups to build new model house!With new window

 PDF We perform setting up the framework of a house of 161018 model houses With new window(PDF: 103.3 kilobytes)

 PDF About 160912 independence rebuilding house model house display offers With new window(PDF: 819.5 kilobytes)

 PDF We start construction of 160829_ model house! With new window(PDF: 1.08 me)




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