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Contact center Izumi

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It is photograph of contact center Izumi

Izumimura with area that is the second largest in Kumamoto.
It is located in the central part of the prefecture, and 94% of areas are villages of the mountains communities called the forest.
There is Kureko ancient village handing down person of unexplored region five-so of Heike defeated soldier legend and ancient dance to the east by watershed lying across the center in the north and south.
Precious nature itself left at the present is tourist attractions.
On plateau where cut was prepared into the face of the mountain of doorway of village, we have function as information center introducing this Izumimura.
It was planned to become dispatch base of industrial upbringing of village including agriculture and forestry business and sightseeing.

Building summary

 This facility is given two characteristic forms according to functions. L-shape product restaurant ridge for visitor to village is building of wooden roof having opening-like foot supported by pillar. On the other hand, meeting room ridge of character of welfare facilities of village is wooden construction architecture that it is in the form that seemed to begin to sharpen lump of tree as the pivot catching open space and the whole site powerfully.
 As for the outer wall, cedar board symbolizing forestry of village together is completed. Product restaurant ridge is comprised of wooden screen which emphasized horizontal stripe and we receive the afternoon sun and float in the sky of terraced fields of piling-stones almost artificial scenery which is the most impressive in Izumimura. That expresses nature and will to face each other positively.

It is photograph of contact center IzumiIs photograph of contact center Izumi; "

<building data> 

Name Contact center Izumi
Furigana fureaisentaizumi
The location Mt. Oaza, Izumicho, Yatsushiro-shi 3296-1
Main uses Tourist information center + product building
The business main constituent Izumimura (existing Yatsushiro-shi)
Designer Koji Takeda + logos design coterie
Builder  Nichido engineering firm
Plottage 8,447m2
Building area 1,991m2
Total floor area  1,860m2
Number of floors The second floor above the ground
Structure Wooden construction, some steel reinforced concrete construction
Outside finish  
 Roof Rust pear roof thickness 0.6 panel roof method
 Outer wall 12 cedar boarded flooring thickness osumokara application
Construction period   From September, 1995 to March, 1997
Total construction cost 689 1 million yen

<receiving a prize data>

1997 Prize for Kumamoto scenery prize for encouragement
1998 Architectural Institute of Japan prize

<architect profile>

It is takedakoujisanno photograph Koji Takeda (takedakouji)
1950 Miyazaki prefecture birth
1973 Tokyo Institute of Technology graduation
1978 Assistant at Tokyo Institute of Technology
1985 We stay in Indonesia, Kalimantan for farm village development
1986 Koji Takeda architecture design office establishment
1988 Tokyo Institute of Technology part-time teacher
Main work
Seven houses, house of Tomioka, house of Komoro, blue, house of Hodogaya, house of Zenpukuji, museum park alpha beer
Receiving a prize career
1992 Tokyo authorized architect society building a house prize money prize
1998 Architectural Institute of Japan prize
PHOTO: ishikokushu, Yasuhiko Kiyoshima

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