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Ariake ferry Nagasu port terminal

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Photograph of Ariake ferry Nagasu port terminal

 Terminal of Ariake ferry going into service between Nagasaki multi-Hira Port that 2 million a year or more use as west doorway of Kumamoto.
 We were rebuilt with maintenance of site because we got older.
 Other than terminal primary objective as comfortable waiting for place of passenger, we expect that it becomes facility got close to in local resident routinely.
 We have big opening on the ferry arrival at a shore side.
 We secure the bright room and show more sairitsu chio by light-up by night in the daytime.
 Building is located to invite traveler to Kumamoto, and to send traveler to Nagasaki out to go to Unzen of the opposite bank.

Building summary

 People meet without disturbing flow of people, car, thing and are opening-like terminal that can take a rest. We locate building parallel to building a breakwater to arrival at a shore format of ferry into long pieces and plant trees in the outskirts to be united with park to be next to. We lift desk work, management facility to height for two levels and enable getting on and off ship that is smooth by opening the bottom, and putting concourse (waiting for place) on the first floor and the second-floor boarding bridge (contact bridge). Service facilities such as gift shop, the stands cafe, elevator are established in concourse and can access the roof directly from here. We can view magnificent nature of Ariake Sea panoptically including Unzen, Mt. Fugen of the opposite bank from observation deck of the roof.

Photograph of Ariake ferry Nagasu port terminalPhotograph of Ariake ferry Nagasu port terminal

<building data>

Name Ariake ferry Nagasu port terminal
Furigana ariakeferinagasukoutaminaru
The location Nagasu, Nagasu-machi, Tamana-gun character Shimohara 2168-22
Main uses Waiting for place
The business main constituent yumeikaijidoshakososenkumigo
Designer Toshiaki Ishida
Builder  Iwashita construction
Plottage 3,978m2
Building area 586m2
Total floor area 976m2
Number of floors The third floor above the ground
Structure Steel reinforced concrete construction, some steel-frame buildings
Outside finish  
 Roof Concrete gold gote weight + asphalt waterproofing
 Outer wall Molding board + urethane coating out of cement of the sky, fluorine resin firing steel sheet
Construction period From October, 1995 to March, 1996
Total construction cost 348 1 million yen

<receiving a prize data>

1997 Japanese authorized architect society federation prize award for excellence
1999 Architectural Institute of Japan work selection

<architect profile>

Photograph of Toshiaki Ishida Toshiaki Ishida (ishidatoshiaki)
1950 Hiroshima birth
1973 Hiroshima Institute of Technology architecture subject graduation
1973 Toyoo Ito architecture drawing office duty
1982 Toshiaki Ishida architecture drawing office establishment
Now Nihon University, Hiroshima Institute of Technology part-time teacher
Main work
House of Urasaki, house of Chigasaki, house of Tsunashima, mountain cottage of the Fuji foot, NOS house, F4, SUZ house
Receiving a prize career
1987 Prize for building a house
1991 Kashima Prize
1996 Yoshioka Prize

PHOTO: Shoichi Ishimaru

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