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Suizenji Ezuko Park management ridge

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Photograph of Suizenji Ezuko Park management ridge

 Lake Gotsu in the southeastern part of Kumamoto-shi.
 In the green shore full of rich spring, it is got close to many citizens as place of walk and bird watching.
 Primarily we thought, and, as for the management ridge of Suizenji Ezuko Park of the Lake Gotsu Shimoezu district whole area, harmony with nature was made.
 It is devised to melt into neighboring nature for scenery by the use of the roof tree planting and natural material, and, also, we think about flood, and floor level becomes higher.
 We can overlook lakeside scenery from available meeting room and the deck as rest room and are people coming for walk and jogging, new oasis of children playing with water.

Building summary

 Because water temperature maintains the same in natural lake which underflow water from Mount Aso gushes out in the Lake Gotsu, and was made through the year, the animals and plants of the north system and the south system do rare ecosystem to coexist. We thought that we made such a building which harmonized naturally to the first on designing this park management ridge.
 We did mall pattern and unified line of flow plan to approach building naturally while people took a walk through mall and established meeting room/orientation room which park could overlook, and internal and external space did with building which continued. Roof was made the roof green, and, so to speak, cut the green ground, and floated, and presented facilities in the meantime; is constituted. For planting of the roof, we chose plant called sedamu which had dryness-resistant in consideration of influence on precious vegetation of Lake Gotsu and easy management.

Photograph of Suizenji Ezuko Park management ridgePhotograph of Suizenji Ezuko Park management ridge

<building data> 

Name Suizenji Ezuko Park management ridge
Furigana suizenjiezukokouenkanritou
The location Hirogimachi, Kumamoto-shi
Main uses Office
The business main constituent Kumamoto
Designer Eisaku Ushida + Catherine findorei
 Building Takeuchi Komuten
 Electricity Peaceful interest product
 Machine Asahi facilities industry
Building area 299.00m2
Total floor area 266.01m2
Number of floors The first floor above the ground
Structure Wooden construction
Outside finish  
 Roof It is planting system on craze for asphalt waterproofing method
We plant (root-resistant sheet, thermal insulation ventilation layer), sedamu
 Outer wall Hinoki laminated lumber Germany weatherboard wood protection coloration paint application
Construction period From February, 1999 to September, 1999
Total construction cost 145 1 million yen

<architect profile>

Photograph of Eisaku Ushida and kyasarinfindorei Eisaku Ushida (ushidaeisaku)
1954 Tokyo birth
1976 The University of Tokyo department of engineering architecture subject graduation
1976 through 83 Arata Isozaki atelier duty
1984 through 86 Richard Rogers partnership duty
1986 Ushida findorei architecture design office establishment
1988 We are reorganized by Ushida findorei partnership
Catherine findorei (Kathryn E.Findlay)
1953 Birth in Scotland
1979 AA school graduation
1980 Masters degree course in University of Tokyo department of engineering architecture subject
1980 through 82 The Ministry of Education scholarship foreign student,
Arata Isozaki atelier duty
1986 Ushida findorei architecture design office establishment
1988 We are reorganized by Ushida findorei partnership
Main work
ECHO CHAMBER, TRUSSWALL HOUSE, SOFT&HAIRY HOUSE, sanitarium Futokoroyama residence, billiards house
Receiving a prize career
1996 Architectural Institute of Japan work recommendation

PHOTO: Seiji Tomishige

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