Tomioka garden public toilet

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Tomioka garden public toilet

 Tomioka Peninsula where it was in Unzen-Amakusa National Park and stuck out of into long pieces towards the blue sea.
 Work that public toilet of shikisakimisakikoennai over there was chosen from 167 points of application by esquisse competition carried out targeting at the prefecture.
 Strong horizontal line melts into atmosphere of land well and we compare with perpendicular line of tree and are slim neatly.
 Back can thoroughly enjoy beautiful park and harmony with neighboring scenery that there is in comfortable natural environments in building if we watch hit.
 In addition, wooden louver letting you feel warmth of nature creates space where open feeling that comfortable wind crosses is rich in while securing privacy of internal space.


Building summary

 This site appointed in national park is located in the northwestern part of Amakusa district, and, in the peninsula which we pushed out thin, flower is surrounded by rich natural environments to grow thick.
 This public toilet was over there and aimed at "space with open feeling" that wind that primarily was comfortable blew through. We let you support roof of cedar by the central Model T reinforcing rod concrete wall and constitute extremely simple "balancing toy space". Therefore, it is said that it is open to the outside except that we interrupt eyes to a minimum, and smooth line of flow of user realizes.
 People visiting cape fuse with neighboring green and will become place offering nature of park beyond restroom function.


Tomioka garden public toilet

Tomioka garden public toilet

<building data>

Name Tomioka garden public toilet
Furigana tomiokaenchikousyutoire
The location tensogun*kitachoshikisakimisaki
Main uses Public toilet
The business main constituent Kumamoto
Designer Kenji Matsumoto +A, I R
 Building Twin river construction
 Electricity, machine Tanaka facilities
Plottage 47,470m2
Building area 65.22m2
Total floor area 34.98m2
Number of floors The first floor above the ground
Structure Steel reinforced concrete construction + wooden construction
Outside finish  
 Roof We put up 0.5 aluminum plating fluoric resin painting steel sheet and cover goby seal
 Outer wall Concrete strong beat acrylic acid resin paint air blast, cedar board-clad kishiradekoru coating
Construction period From January, 1999 to April, 1999
Total construction cost 25 1 million yen

<architect profile>

Photograph of Kenji Matsumoto Kenji Matsumoto (and pine does not melt, too)
1977 Kumamoto birth
1999 Kumamoto University department of engineering architecture subject graduation
1999 Watanabe architecture office entrance
  A I R (representative director Morita Chitose)
Main work
Village clinic of forest, Kojima internal medicine pediatric clinic, Kojima's house, goritsumisakikoen symbol open space
Receiving a prize career
1999 Use of the fifth wood large size facility contest Kumamoto prize
1999 The Itsuki-mura office government building design competition highest award

PHOTO: Seiji Miyai

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