The sixth forest nature observation, experience-based classroom Tano Heights (Hitoyoshi-shi)

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The sixth forest nature observation, experience-based classroom Tano Heights (Hitoyoshi-shi)

Refreshing autumn Tano Heights walk

  Tano Heights 1 Tano Heights 2 Tano Heights 3
  1 date and time    Sunday, October 20, 2019 (Reiwa 1) from 10:00 to 14:00 (executing the event on a light rainy day)

  2 meeting places old Tano Elementary School "Tano-cho, Hitoyoshi-shi" (on the day green flag is mark.)

  40 subscription for 3 number of people (we close as soon as it becomes capacity.)

  4 contents    We take a walk through Tano Heights measuring 700 meters above sea level and are made with pizza firing experience and broach of leaf.

  500 yen (we include premium, document, broach pizza.) lower than 5 entrance fee adult 1,000 yen, primary schoolchild          

      6 clothes    Shoes, hat, gloves, rain outfit (at the time of rainy weather) which can walk long sleeves, pants, forest

  7 bringing product lunch, drink, towel, memo, writing implements, carpet (lunch time)

          (as pizza firing experience is sampling degree, lunch is necessary.)

  Around 8th    9:30 - acceptance
         10:00 - opening ceremony, instructions explanation

         10:20 - nature observation, walk
         12:00 - lunch (the gazing off far into mountain range top)

         13:00 - pizza firing, broach making

         14:00 - closing ceremony, dissolution

  9 application methods
   Apply by postcard, FAX, E-mail after filling out the following.
  (1) The sixth forest nature observation, experience-based classroom (Tano Heights) participation application
  (2) Full name, age, zip code, address, contact information (carrying, fixation)
    ※We are not doing acceptance over telephone. Please understand.


■Association of reference Kumamoto forest instructor TEL: 080-2696-7658 (for exclusive use of observation society), 090-2582-9648 (the secretariat)

■Association of application 〒 862-0954 1-11-14, Kuwamizu, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi (wood the second floor of the hall) Kumamoto forest instructor

     FAX: 050-3737-5818

 E-mail address: info@morino-annai.org


※The forest nature observation, experience classroom utilizes water and tax made with green forest and carries out.

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