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Request about preventive measures against Legionella symptoms

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 It is said that Legionella symptom is transmitted by breathing in aerosol (small drop of water) and dust including the Legionella genus bacteria. Therefore measures such as mask wearing are demanded as dusts measures such as thorough hygiene management in bathing facility or dust by construction works.


About hygiene management in bathing facility (to all of the facilities that management is in charge of)

 To health managers of bathing facility, confirmation, thorough appropriate hygiene management, please based on "the regulations about hygiene management for prevention of outbreak of Legionella symptom in Kumamoto bathing facility" around the following item.

 ・Conduct of examination of water

   Original hot water, Haramizu, bathtub water, please perform examination of water that is higher than the number of times that it established in the regulations.

 ・Appropriate management of facilities

   Bathtub completely exchanges, and please clean. We always keep cistern to store more than 60 degrees centigrade so that bacteria do not propagate and are appropriate by method such as sterilizing water

  Please manage in this. Please perform cleaning, sterilization, check about the plumbing regularly.

 ・Sterilization of bathtub water

   Density (around 0.2-0.4 mg/L) that bathtub water measures free residual chlorine concentration of bathtub Mizuuchi using chlorine drugs frequently unless it establishes in regulations, and is suitable

  Please keep.


About dusts measures such as dust

 The Legionella genus bacteria exist with bacteria habitually residing in the natural world in the soil. Example suspected that Legionella symptom developed by having breathed in dust during yard work and farming is reported nationwide every year.
 After big disaster, the risk to breathe in dust including tidying up of disaster garbage and removal work of building which collapsed increases. When it is worked, we cover nose and entrance with mask and towel and will prevent you from breathing in dust.


The number of the reports of Legionella symptom of Kumamoto




 20092010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 



 Kumamoto 5 511 17 17 17 23 44 24  29
 The whole country668 893717751 818899 1,124 1,246 1,5921,6091,733 2,141

 ※2018 is provisional value


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