Small country municipality Kitasato Elementary School indoor athletic ground

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Small country municipality Kitasato Elementary School indoor athletic ground

 In Oguni-machi working on "made with village of" *moku, individual building using local wood is seen in everywhere.
 Of course we hung time for three years until stack, completion, and, in this building which was used as local community space, workshop with inhabitants and children was made for gymnasium of elementary school.
 Screen which metal outer wall projects sky and nature, and is crowded.
 Soft quality of wood space where indoor was covered by cedar.
 Arena surrounded by gentle light from top light becomes stage bringing up tomorrow of this town.


Building summary

 It was elementary school gymnasium built in mountain village, but, through workshop, thought about how you would utilize this building for area in future. It functioned as passage where gallery which by putting arena between two existing school buildings divided into east and west, surrounded that tied school building group to. Furthermore, we repositioned special classroom such as home economics room and library which dispersed in school building in a mass in the east side school building and made use of area part of school clear including arena. Structure finish uses many wood from prosperous nature of the locality of forestry together. We decided to use huge trass space as high window which led natural light using box trass with cedar on roof of arena. Natural light from high window casts gentle light in the room via cylindrical light reflector, and color and strength of light gradually change depending on solar movement and weather.

Small country municipality Kitasato Elementary School indoor athletic ground

Small country municipality Kitasato Elementary School indoor athletic ground

 <building data>

Name Small country municipality Kitasato Elementary School indoor athletic ground
Furigana ogunichoritsukitazatoshogakkouokunaiundojo
The location 2473, Kitazato, Oguni-machi, Aso-gun
Main uses Elementary school
The business main constituent Oguni-machi
Designer Kaori Suehiro +NKS architects
 Building Hashimoto Kensetsu
 Electricity Uno Electric
 Machine Great Aso call all-out
Plottage 7,822.00m2
Building area 1,040.61m2
Total floor area 1,147.15m2
Number of floors The second floor above the ground
Structure Wooden construction, some steel reinforced concrete construction
Outside finish  
 Roof Stainless steel board water caltrop *, vertical goby roofing
 Outer wall Stainless steel board water caltrop *, vertical goby *, Sugime footboard tension
Construction period From June, 2002 to March, 2003
Total construction cost 259 1 million yen


 <architect profile>

It is suehirokaorusanno photograph Kaori Suehiro (we lay, and Hiro is fragrant)
1961 Oita birth
1984 Kyushu University department of engineering architecture subject graduation
1986 Masters degree course in Kyushu University Graduate School completion
1986 through 90 SKM design plan office duty
1990 through 91 Representative from EAT first class authorized architect office
1991 through 94 beraruhe institute architecture graduate school
1993 Herman Hertzberger architecture drawing office
1998 ... The NKS architects joint sponsorship
Main work
House of Saeki, YKK Horikiri, Kurobe dormitory, house of Onojo, house of Higashiaburayama, LKB, tenement house of Kanoya
Receiving a prize career
The twelfth Fukuoka building house culture prize award for excellence
Prize for no country wooden construction architecture award for excellence full of the 14th
The 14th Fukuoka prize for beautiful town development award
The Nishi-Arita town town center center design proposal highest award

PHOTO: Masaki Miyai

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