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Kyusendo Kyukamura bungalow "final wooden house"

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It is photograph of Kyusendo Kyukamura bungalow

Building summary

 What's called wood is terribly almighty. And, in the case of normal wooden building, various places can use wood properly because of the all-around nature skillfully. However, we may make building meeting these all by only one method, how to use only one tree adversely if almighty. It is almighty-related inversion. We are going to create new space that maintained undifferentiated state that became *zenichitai before various functions and roles subdivide from there.
 Cedar of 350mm corner has amazing force. That is "a certain existence" of another thing that we say wood. Dimensions that tree is obvious, and are tree and dimensions, that replying to body directly at the same time are 350mm. Three-dimensional space by step of 350mm is created in this way.
 There are not floor, wall, distinction such as ceiling here. Seeing from another place, it is chair and is ceiling, and what that we thought to be floor is obstacle. Floor level is relative and history of space is different and is seen by place where people are. People are distributed three-dimensionally in space. He/she will experience that as new sense of distance. 

It is photograph of Kyusendo Kyukamura bungalowIt is photograph in Kyusendo Kyukamura bungalow

 <building data>


Name Kyusendo Kyukamura bungalow "final wooden house"
Furigana We do not take a rest
The location Flat 787 of ashikitagunashikitachodaijitsugekuzu
Main uses The accommodations
The business main constituent Kuma-mura forestry owners' association
Designer Sosuke Fujimoto
Builder  Tanaka Gumi
Plottage 89.30 square meters
Building area 15.13 square meters
Total floor area 15.13 square meters (7.50 square meters of lofts)
Number of floors The first floor above the ground
Structure Wooden construction
Outside finish Cedar kishiradekoru coat from Kumamoto
Construction period From February, 2008 to July, 2008
Total construction cost 4 million yen


 <architect profile>

It is photograph of Sosuke Fujimoto Sosuke Fujimoto (Fujimoto be so not crowded)
1971 Hokkaido birth
1994 The University of Tokyo department of engineering architecture subject graduation
2000 Sosuke Fujimoto architecture drawing office establishment
2009 ... The University of Tokyo specially appointed associate professor, Keio University, Tokyo University of Science part-time teacher
Main work
Saint stand Hospital occupational therapy ridge, Saint stand Hospital new ward, shijima mountain cottage, protection dormitory of Date, T house, group home of Noboribetsu, 7/2 house, child with an emotional disorder short-term treatment facility, House O, House N
Main receiving a prize
2004 JIA rookie of the year title 2004
2005 AR AWARDS 2005 winning a prize
2006 AR AWARDS 2006 award
AR AWARDS 2006 award for excellence
2006 Tokyo authorized architect meeting building a house prize money prize
2007 AR AWARDS 2007 award for excellence
2008 JIA Japan architecture award

PHOTO: Koichiro Hamaguchi

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