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Yatsushiro City museum, future forest museum

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It is photograph of future forest museum


Mainly on various artworks which the Matsuis who is the former Yatsushiro lord of a castle possesses, it is museum to introduce culture and history of Yatsushiro before continuing up to the present day from the past to.
There is site in the center of education zone where gathering green of cultural facilities is rich in soon of the Yatsushiro ruins of a castle.
Trees in site are left as much as possible, and silhouette of metallic building appears and disappears from during green of trees from front street.
Name of "future forest museum" is thing which we were able to decide by open call for participants, but seems to let you image this metallic building and harmony with environment where green is rich in.

Building summary

By this plan, big attention was paid that we reduced a feeling of coercion of building in consideration of environment that was human whom visual height was held down to. Closing practices is high on the first-floor part, and two big exhibition rooms of the volume are arranged, and it is filled by laying earth on the ground as if it is basement. Small hill covered with lawn on flat site seems to have risen. Open space such as entrance hall or cafe spreads out under the roof floating lightly on the hill. The storage of store given metallic coating is floated on the roof and, as future Shoso-in, takes symbolic role of museum.

It is night photograph of future forest museumIt is photograph of introspectiveness of future forest museum

Photo: Wealth Koji Okamoto, "new building company" photograph department, the Kumamoto public relations section

<building data>

Name Yatsushiro City museum, future forest museum
Furigana yatsushiroshiritsuhakubutsukan, mirainomorimyujiamu
The location 12-35, Nishimatsuejomachi, Yatsushiro-shi
Main uses Museum
The business main constituent Yatsushiro-shi
Designer Toyoo Ito
 Building Takenaka Corporation, Wakuda construction, this U.S. engineering firm construction joint venture
 Electricity Shirasagi Denki Kogyo, Kyushu electric facilities industrial construction joint venture
 Air conditioning Shin Nippon Air Technologies, plains electric equipment industry place construction joint venture
 Hygiene Nakao engineering firm, Sanko facilities industry construction joint venture
 Elevator Takenaka Corporation, Wakuda construction, this U.S. engineering firm construction joint venture
 Outward appearance Takenaka Corporation, Wakuda construction, this U.S. engineering firm construction joint venture
Plottage 8,223m2
Building area 1,432m2
Total floor area 3,418m2
Number of floors 1 story under ground and 4 stories above ground
Structure Steel reinforced concrete construction, steel-frame building
Outside finish  
 Roof Stainless steel seam welding method
 Outer wall We drive concrete, and, the fluoric resin painting, punching is stainless steel-clad
Construction period From November, 1989 to March, 1991
Total construction cost 1,658 1 million yen

<receiving a prize data>

1991 Prize for Kumamoto scenery
1992 Prize for art to have days
1993 Association of the 34th building trades prize (BCS prize)
The architecture of the Year
1997 Prize for Kumamoto scenery "the tenth memory award"
1998 100 selections of public buildings (of the 50th anniversary of the Ministry of Construction)

<architect profile>

It is photograph of Toyo Ito
Toyoo Ito (we mind)
1941 Seoul birth
1965 The University of Tokyo graduation
1965 Kiyonori Kikutake architecture drawing office duty
1971 Urban robot (URBOT) establishment
1979 We change name of to Toyoo Ito architecture drawing office
1998 Kumamoto art police vice commissioner
2005 Commissioner Kumamoto art police
Main work
House of Honcho, Nakano, hotel D, silver hat, restaurant nomad, tower of Yokohama, wind, sendai media take
Receiving a prize career
1984 The Japan Institute of Architects rookie of the year title
1986 Architectural Institute of Japan prize

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