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Kakuto Tunnel ventilation place

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It is photograph of Kakuto Tunnel ventilation place

There is Kakuto Tunnel when we go over prefectural border of Kumamoto and Miyazaki, Loop Bridge of Route 221.
This building is facility which delivered pump, air scoop for ventilation in tunnel.
We condense, and the whole building functions as device, and function that facility has is merely designed because facility for functional road maintenance management becomes vital factor to form environment to plan harmony with the neighborhood.

Building summary

System of flow of air has the biggest characteristic of this ventilation place. Facilities which are necessary for ventilation of tunnel are duct, motor, fan and filters sequentially from side of tunnel.
These are connected linearly and are usually put in box of thick concrete. In the case of this building, we omit filter, and the whole outer wall of expanding metal becomes filter instead.
In this way, as not only it came to show dynamic structure of ventilation equipment from the outside, but also filter area rose to dozens of times, flow rate per unit area decreased sharply, and maintenance about cleaning, exchange of filter became needless.
In addition, construction cost becomes extremely low as concrete of outer wall is replaced with light weight, cheap expanding metal.

It is night photograph of Kakuto Tunnel ventilation placeIt is photograph of Kakuto Tunnel ventilation place

Photo: hachimokukoho

<building data>

Name Kakuto Tunnel ventilation place
Furigana We write
The location Ohatamachi, Hitoyoshi-shi, Higashikawakita, Ebino-shi, Miyazaki
Main uses Machine room
The business main constituent Kumamoto
Designer Akira Koyama + Pacific consultant
 Building gan*date*
 Electricity FUJI ELECTRIC, Hitoyoshi Electric construction
 Machine Mitsui Miike Machinery
Total floor area Hitoyoshi side 365m2, Ebino side 353m2
Number of floors The second floor above the ground
Structure Steel reinforced concrete construction, steel-frame building
Outside finish  
 Roof Shingle board roofing
 Outer wall Expanding metal
Construction period From December, 1988 to October, 1989
Total construction cost 704 1 million yen

<architect profile>

It is photograph of Akira Koyama Akira Koyama (koyamaakira)
1951 Osaka birth
1977 Masters degree course in Nihon University department of science and engineering completion
1978 through 80 Dortmund University, studying in Technical University of Berlin, Nihon University doctor of engineering
1984 DER PLAN establishment
1988 IBA exhibition organizer
1997 Kobe Design University's professor
Main work
Book "Building and city - of unfinished empire - Nazis Germany" (joint work)
"City residence declaration" (the supervision)
Private exhibition 1993 "machine which lets human being think"
Work House of 1996 Okamoto 

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