[entrance fee for free] Recruitment of Kyushu, Yamaguchi carrier Café @ Shibuya participants

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[entrance fee for free] About recruitment of participants of Kyushu, Yamaguchi carrier Café @ Shibuya - internship report & industry workshop ...

In Kyushu, Yamaguchi UIJ turn young man employment promotion meeting, we are united with each Kyushu, Yamaguchi prefecture and economic world and promote return current to Kyushu, Yamaguchi of young man human resources of Tokyo metropolitan area and area fixation. We hold "Kyushu, Yamaguchi carrier Café @ Shibuya - interchange ship report & industry workshop ..." as this part as follows.

It is valuable event that the true intention of company on behalf of experiences and Kyushu, Yamaguchi of intern life listens to. If it is person who is interested in living and work in Kyushu, Yamaguchi, anyone can propose. Please come and join.



 Saturday, November 12, 2016 from 13:30 to 16:30 (reception desk 13:00 ...)

                     ※16:30 - exchange meeting



 TKP garden city the fourth floor of Shibuya hall 4C (2-22-3, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya east exit building)



 Result announcement (going to announce three) of Part 1 internship participant

 It is talk live Part 2 Kyushu, Yamaguchi to be frank!

    (be similar Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting and others, local famous company two (plan) of Kyushu, Yamaguchi panel discussion)

 Part 3 exchange meeting


Eligible people

 Students (hometown, grade no object) such as graduate school, university, junior college, higher vocational school, special vocational school

 Person (hometown, age no object) who is interested in living and job of Kyushu, Yamaguchi

 The people concerned of educational institution such as universities, company of each Kyushu, Yamaguchi prefecture


Application method

 Please apply from site for exclusive use of the following business

 Site> for exclusive use of < http://www.kyushu-yamaguchi.jp

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