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We strengthen measures for the winter season of milk road

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 When Route 57 (Tatsuno, Minamiaso-mura) cannot pass by large-scale slope collapse caused by Kumamoto earthquake, it becomes, and, in prefectural Northern Hokkaido outer rim of a volcanic crater Otsu line (popular name milk road) and prefectural road Akamizu, Kikuchi line, it is in main detour to the Aso area.

 Because sharp curve includes consecutive sections, and this detour is located again in place of high altitudes, we need road safety, traffic jam measures and the snow, freeze measures for the winter season with increase of traffic.

 Based upon the foregoing, put intersection improvement of milk road entrance of Aso-shi, improvement of road surface indication, route guidance mark, setting of attention signboard, shisenyudohyo, high brightness parting, setting of temporary construction restroom away so far and start maintenance of turnout at the end of September as wait place of chain putting on and taking off and stack vehicle.


 We set out to confirm road-surface condition as the new winter season measures this time for maintenance of road surveillance camera, road lighting to strengthen collection function of road information.

 In addition, we start maintenance of milepost to facilitate grasp of positional information, and to promote quick correspondence at the time of accident car and disabled vehicle generating.


 About securing of traffic such as milk roads, we will work sequentially in cooperation with country.


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