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About designation of time limits such as payment about prefectural tax caused by 2016 Kumamoto earthquake

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 Return day of necessary thing (query is excluded.) and payment or extension in deadline of the delivery were taking a step, but, in the prefecture, submission of documents such as report, application, request for part items of taxation of prefectural tax to come after April 14, 2016 set extended term about those items of taxation with outbreak of 2016 Kumamoto earthquake as follows at this time.


 Items of taxation that determined extended term

   ・Corporation prefectural tax

   ・Prefectural tax interest percent

   ・Prefectural tax allotment percent

   ・As for the prefectural tax stocks, it is capital gain percent

   ・Corporate enterprise tax

   ・Local consumption tax

   ・Prefectural tobacco tax


 Prediction areas appointing of extended term and date

  (1) Prediction areas Yatsushiro-shi, Hitoyoshi-shi, Arao-shi, Minamata-shi, Tamana-shi, Yamaga-shi, Kikuchi-shi, Uto-shi, Kamiamakusa-shi, Uki-shi,

            Aso-shi, Amakusa-shi, Koshi-shi, Misato-machi, Gyokuto-machi, Nankan-machi, Nagasu-machi, Nagomi-machi, Ozu-machi, Kikuyo-machi,

            Minamioguni-machi, Oguni-machi, Ubuyama-mura, Takamori-machi, Kashima-machi, Kosa-machi, Yamato-cho, Hikawa-cho, Ashikita-machi, Tsunagi-machi,

            Nishiki-machi, Taragi-machi, Yunomae-machi, Mizukami-mura, Sagara-mura, Itsuki-mura, Yamae-mura, Kuma-mura, Asagiri-cho, Reihoku-machi

     Date          November 30, 2016


  (2) Prediction areas Kumamoto-shi, Mashiki-machi, Mifune-machi, Nishihara-mura, Minamiaso-mura

     Date         December 16, 2016


 * It is address, principal office, tax payer having offices or special collecting agent in prediction areas that is.


 * Please consult about person having difficulty in payment about items of taxation that determined extended term this time individually by time limit.

  ※Consultation about this matter

    Central Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters tax practice department taxation Lesson 1 telephone (096) 352-4111 location 〒 860-8570

                                                                4-33, Minamisendanbatamachi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi 


 * Reference   

  •       PDF Kumamoto bulletin (October 17, 2016 extra No. 71) With new window(PDF: 1.41 megabytes)

     ※There is the local government which we appointed in time limit in the metropolis and districts which carried out extension such as report, deadline of the delivery of prefectural tax by this Kumamoto earthquake.
  •   For more details, please refer to the following link.

   ・Niigata    With new window(external link)

  ・Chiba With new window(external link)

  ・Saga With new window(external link)












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