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   Notice matter of visit

・It is place of life of resident and user, and observed building is place of job such as manager or the staff again.
・As nuisance does not depend on another person, visitor considers privacy enough, and please see happily calmly.
・As buildings such as school, public housing, police station, private enterprise may need contact, permission to manager beforehand, please be careful.


 Visit may be declined when we do not have you follow rule and observe in future.
For where visit is hoped for, please observe with moderation in future.


◇Entry of cars to site except parking lot is not possible in principle.
 ・As there is facility without parking lot of stranger, please confirm beforehand.
 ・Please confirm beforehand in approach of large car and one which may not park.

◇Please refrain from smoking in site.
 ・Please refrain from smoking in site from the viewpoint of prevention of fire unless there is smoking area.

◇When you take photograph, please consider privacy.
 ・Please do not look into room including apartment house.
・Depending on facility, it is necessary to get permission beforehand.
 ・From the viewpoint of privacy protection, please refrain from photography that face looks big to. In addition, please refrain from taking picture of laundry in apartment house.

◇You injure building, and please do not scribble.
 ・You touch without any reason, and please do not knock on wall or door. When we are damaged, we may have you compensate.

◇Let's say hello with smile if we meet resident or manager.

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