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[product for consumers] About real estate transactions (buying and selling, rental contract)

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  About 1 real estate buying and selling (residential land building buying and selling)

   It is not to be in life many times that the public buys and sells real estate.
  Therefore it became left to just supplier and "could come" later
  There may need to be thing called this.
   We make a plan of the purchase beforehand and, in the purchase of real estate, push forward thing carefully
  kukotoga is necessary.
   As red card that we deal with the real estate purchase has guidebook, it is done for reference
About 2 deposit payment, restitutio in integrum (trouble of rental contract) 
   Of restitutio in integrum after it cancels to get into trouble in rental contract of real estate well, deposit payment
  It is trouble. "We do not have restitutio in integrum expense is demanded and pay deposit"
  Trouble is asked well. Deposit payment is problem with landlord and tenant based on contract
  There is in this and must be settled after talks between the people concerned.
   About trouble about restitutio in integrum, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism makes guidelines
  As we are doing, it will be good to be referred to.  

3 common question Q&A

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About 4 legal aid service

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