16. Registration of change application of residential land building transactions person qualification

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Explanation of procedure

Qualification registration of residential land building transactions person is done, and when "engaging housing land and building dealer" is changed, we attach the following required documents, and "permanent domicile" must apply for change "full name" without delay "address". In addition, please refer to counter in charge of each metropolis and districts as other metropolis and districts registration cannot register at Kumamoto window.
(attention) Renewal grant application of identification of house-based person is necessary for person having identification of effective house-built person in conjunction with the following submission documents now when "full name" or change application of "address" is done. Styles this "19 please refer to identification of residential land building business person renewal grant application".

Flow of procedure

1. Submission of registration of change application
2. Reception desk
3. Sending of registration of change completion office action (postcard)

Submission documents

1.Residential land building transactions person qualification register registration of change application (style No. 7)

2.Attached documents

(1)Change of "full name:" Extract from a person's family register (thing which there is, and understands connection of maiden name, new family name of mention of date of modification)

(2)Change of "address:" Abridgment (in the case of thing without mention of personal number (my number), house indication change certificate of office issuance) of resident's card

(3)Change of "permanent domicile:" Extract from a person's family register (in the case of family register indication change accompanied with house indication change certificate of office issuance)

(4)Change of "engagement:" Employment certificate, demit (there are representative mark and mention of employment, the retirement date. Format is arbitrary. When "employee transfer notice" is submitted by supplier of Governor of Kumamoto license, is unnecessary;). In addition, we can download reference style from this employment, demit.

※Thing within three months is best as for public certificates such as resident's cards from day of issue of an edition.

※By the report, contents of qualifications directory of house-based person may not be changed automatically because we report report of notification of change, employee transfer such as entering a company about full-time residential land building business people that companies perform and leaving the office to minister licensed as housing land and building dealer or the governor. Please perform this change registration application separately.

Procedure paper and style

※About item for modification of application, please fill in only matter which had change.

※Please put dates of modification together on date listed in family register, resident's card, certificate.

Counter in charge

Kumamoto Department of Civil Engineering architecture Housing Bureau Architecture Division residential land instruction group
The location 〒862-8570 6-18-1, Suizenji, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi
Acceptance day Weekdays (except Wednesday) Reception hours From 9:00 to 16:30 (from 11:30 except 13:00)
When registration of change, renewal grant application of address or full name is done by mail, in identification of house-built person catching grant, please enclose self-addressed envelope (thing of stamp pasting finished for 404 yen) for identification of house-based person return.

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