About substitute temporary worker employment examinations such as Kumamoto Mental Health Welfare Center maternity leaves

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Kumamoto Mental Health Welfare Center recruits substitute temporary workers such as maternity leaves.


Is going to adopt 1; the number of people, duty place

(1) Is going to adopt; the number of people: One

(2) Duty place: Kumamoto Mental Health Welfare Center (3-1-120, Tsukide, Kumamoto-shi)


2 business contents

 Alcohol, drug-related problem, duties about other dependencies


3 appointment periods

 From February 3, 2020 to March 31, 2022


4 eligibility requirements for an examination

 Member of psychology judgment qualification ※Health nurse license, nurse license, social worker license having either.

※With member of psychology judgment qualification, we major in psychology in university (we remove junior college.) by School Education Act

Person (we include person who is a graduate with possibility.) who did (person of psychology study only for liberal arts education is excluded.), and graduated .


5 application methods

 We raise through HelloWork.


6 and others

 For more details, please see "adoption guidance".


7 applications, reference

 〒862-0920 3-1-120, Tsukide, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto-shi

           Kumamoto Mental Health Welfare Center TEL096-386-1255





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