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Large intestine anus disease center Takano Hospital | Coloproctology CenterTakano Hospital




Public facilities and education facilities gather in Oe district in center of Kumamoto-shi.
On move reconstruction, we further developed function as "the immediate nature period, special hospital" of large intestine anus disease, and the making of hospital which permanently contributed to community medicine for the future was demanded.
We accepted nature and aimed at the making of hospital such as high "open space" of publicity open to area that promoted interchange with people and were conscious of role to tie "people and people, area and people" with high quality medical environment.
It was art police's first hospital architecture chosen by the cause, proposal of new theme of art police where we invited the 25th anniversary to to "join difference, person naturally".



Building summary

This facility is project of move new construction of Takano Hospital who is special hospital of large intestine anus disease that opened a Diet session in 1982.
New hospital accepted nature, and people who were various in concept by the making of hospital such as high "open space" of open local publicity to promote interchange with people not "building" by function serious consideration gathered and aimed at facilities which was got close to to local people such as "big house" which promoted interchange to talk about.
Garden of various scales is located in each level everywhere in building, and, on the road side of the front part of building, garden such as park where anyone can drop in at can enjoy environment where patient, family, the staff is calm. In addition, we establish statement corner and lounge in ward corridor and raise environmental selectivity by user and promote interchange of people.
We adopt "four beds of rooms of private room" where each bed has inherent window, and all patients can look at the outside, and four beds room of ward enables that we control sense of distance with external environment by oneself.
We use many wood for interior and furniture and keep in mind for the making of gentle space surrounded to tree. In visitor's room or mortuary, we took in regional Japanese paper and cedar board processing materials and intended to make use of charm of Kumamoto.
With effectiveness as hospital, we establish substation in center of gravity of sickroom group in addition to the staff station of ward and shorten nursing line of flow. Lower floors with medical treatment section were simple, and they paid off line of flow in consideration for plainness.
As the preparation for disaster, we adopt Kyushu, seismically isolated structure by iron spherical surface sliding shisho again first as medical facilities. In addition, we are equipped with emergency generator of operation storage for 48 hours, and medical act becomes facility which can continue at disaster.
We pray for new hospital becoming new landmark to become ground of heart for user and area.



PHOTO (the lower right)/company Kawasumi, Kenji Kobayashi photograph office 


Building data

Name large intestine anus disease center Takano Hospital
Location 3-2-55, Ogo, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi
Main use hospitals
Business-centered social medical corporation corporation Takano society
Designer combination building drawing office + contemporary
Builder Matsuo, Iwanaga identification construction joint venture
Plottage 12, 119.50㎡
3,684.30 square meter of building area (hospital ridge part)
A total of 14,966.34 square meter in area (same as above)
Number of floors the sixth floor of the ground
Structure steel-frame building (seismically isolated structure)
We plant trees in the outside finish roof asphalt waterproofing finish + urethane coating waterproofing + roof
      Outer wall ALC panel
Construction period from October, 2015 to July, 2017
Total construction cost 4,662 1 million yen (we include parking lot ridge)



Architect profile


Hirotaka Kawashima (kawashimahirotaka)


Architect profile 01

It was born in Fukuoka for 1,960 years
The end of 1984 Kyushu University graduate school master's course
1984 combination architecture drawing office entering a company, the present executive vice-president
●Main work
The west Kobe medical center, Inagi Municipal Hospital, Aichi public welfare consecutive Atsumi Hospital, Chisato rehabilitation hospital, Gifu Prefectural Tajimi hospital
●Receiving a prize career
Prize for welfare architecture "west Kobe medical center" medical for 1,994 years
Prize for welfare architecture "Inagi Municipal Hospital" medical for 1,998 years
Prize for welfare architecture "Aichi public welfare consecutive Atsumi Hospital" medical for 1,999 years
Prize for welfare architecture "Chisato rehabilitation hospital" medical for 2,007 years
Prize for welfare architecture "Gifu Prefectural Tajimi Hospital" medical for 2,010 years


Jun Yanagisawa (Yanagisawa follows)


Architect profile 02
It was born in Tokyo for 1,964 years
1992 Tokyo Institute of Technology graduate school master's course completion
1992 Toyoo Ito building drawing office entering a company
2000 contemporary first class authorized architect office establishment
2007 contemporary establishment
Associate Professor at department environmental for 2,016 years Kanto Gakuin University architecture

●Main work
Zushi-shi local action center small tsubo Otani door hall, Rene Village Seijo, empaku (Shiojiri-shi citizen interchange center), Hino Park graveyard charnel

●Receiving a prize career
Prize for 2011 building a house (Tokyo authorized architect society) "Rene Village Seijo"
2012 Japan authorized architect society federation award for excellence (Japanese authorized architect society federation) "empaku" (Shiojiri-shi citizen interchange center)
2012 Architectural Institute of Japan work recommendation (Architectural Institute of Japan) "empaku" (Shiojiri-shi citizen interchange center)
2013 Kanagawa building contest award for excellence "Keikyu underpass project"
The 2016 Japan Institute of Architects (JIA) rookie of the year title


We held completion visit meeting! (Kumamoto art police project Takano Hospital) (July 16, 2017)

About 120 participants are visit ... by designer and sickroom (multi-floor room of private room) or the roof tree planting on ... July 16


 "Takano hospital" which we come to try for the first time is completed at private hospital as facility which participated in Kumamoto art police business on July 8 and is plan of move opening of a Diet session on August 1.

 As opportunity to observe multi-floor room of the roof tree planting and private room characterizing new hospital to the completion of building on July 16, we held completion visit society.
 While participant (about 120) whom we invited public participation for from the public received explanation of designer in visit society, we observed finished building. At first, there was explanation of concept and design summary of design from Hirotaka Kawashima (public building drawing office) and Jun Yanagisawa (contemporary) who were designer. We had explanation in detail what kind of intention garden and the roof tree planting to call established at each site in building characterizing point that was effective ground plan and new hospital as medical facilities were located for. Afterwards, participant observed the facility with designer.
 In multi-floor room in ward, "multi-floor room of private room" where each bed has inherent window is adopted this time, and all patients can look at the outside and, also, have characteristic that we can adjust environment of sickroom in the patient. As for participants, light and sickroom where wind was felt were observed with fascination.
By visit to facility, seismic isolators observed the first-floor outpatient department and operation room again other than ward, too.

 "We could sense the making of hospital such as open "open space" that was concept made with hospital bodily, and it was said, and, from everybody who participated in visit party, it was at opportunity." "We thought that the appearance and form of sickroom were particular about design, but it turns out that we considered environment of each patient and understands! We had comment saying image of hospital architecture changed.

 New Takano Hospital accepts nature and aims at the making of hospital such as high "open space" of open local publicity to promote interchange with people and knows, "we open naturally and join people" that it is theme of art police.

 This completion visit meeting held by understanding and cooperation of large intestine anus disease center Takano Hospital who was business owner, combination architecture drawing office + contemporary that we designed and did. Thank you very much.



Kawashima (designer) who explains


Yanagisawa (designer) who explains


<completion visit meeting summary>
Date Sunday, July 16, 2017
About program/design purpose, the construction situation
    Local visit with explanation of designer
Explanation Hirotaka Kawashima (designer/combination building drawing office)
    Jun Yanagisawa (designer/contemporary)
About 120 participants

We hold visit to spot party of the spot situation and seismic isolator of steel frame how to build in Takano Hospital (November 2, 2016)

... that about 50 participants observed the spot situation and seismic isolator of steel frame how to build on ... November 2


Takano Hospital who is the first art police participation project starts construction as private hospital in last October, and construction advances for opening in the summer of next year.
To the spot situation of steel frame how to build (with pillar, beam assembly operation), we held visit to spot party for the public this time.


  Visit to 01 spots society   Visit to 02 spots society

Come-on of visit society is visit of the seismic isolation layer with seismic isolator.

Seismic isolator adopted in Takano Hospital is seismic isolator by metal spherical surface sliding shisho unlike rubber keishisho which is adopted a lot until now, this Kyushu first, also, first for hospital architecture nationwide.


At first, in visit society, we had you tell about "plan of Takano Hospital" from Murano of Nagano and contemporary of combination architecture drawing office that was stationed, and constructed, and was controlled by design charge by Kumamoto. We had comment with "right open new hospital including harmony with neighborhood that took in way of thinking and green (garden) of plan!" from participants.

  Visit to 03 spots society   Visit to 04 spots society

By the later spot visit, participants entered the building inside and seismic isolation layer, and there was explanation from the person in charge of Matuo Construction, Iwanaga Gumi JV which we constructed about on-site characteristic.

 Visit to 05 spots society Visit to 06 spots society

By visit of seismic isolator, there was detailed explanation from Murano of contemporary, too and we asked from participants and observed with fascination.

   Visit to 07 spots society   Visit to 08 spots society

Which "we can enter the spot that we cannot usually look at and were interesting" "wants you to perform completion visit society by all means" from participants

It became visit society that was able to satisfy this very much.


Large intestine anus disease center Takano Hospital that this spot visit society is corporation,

Of combination building drawing office + contemporary state designing, Matuo Construction, Iwanaga Gumi JV which, also, undertakes construction

We held by understanding and cooperation. Thank you.

※You can see video of seismic isolator NS-SSB of Takano Hospital than description of Nippon Steel Sumikin engineering HP bottom link.
▼Large intestine anus disease center Takano Hospital HP (there is article about new hospital construction!)



Thought (February 27, 2014) of designer to Kumamoto art police "Takano Hospital new design"

State of design meeting



Hirotaka Kawashima (public building drawing office)


 In postwar reconstruction in medical facilities domain that began in the 1950s, "hospital architecture" was's two biggest low cost public buildings admired equally with "school architecture". It was from need of rapid increase product to support national health care service system (in meaning called free access) that continued attracting attention from all over the world in the present called "the universal care". Here, idea such as "publicity" and "individual treatment-related respect" was relatively placed in low rank, and it was said that functionality and economy had top priority. We may say that it is the times when we couldn't but give priority to them.
 In the 80s, the trend of thought of reflecting on itself in viewpoint, viewpoint of "publicity" called medical facilities in area of "individual treatment-related respect" such as privacy and comfort begins to send out buds in medical community. Words to have "only plain meaning" were made motto, and words itself such as "amenity" that "was opened" was produced excessively as if magnificent, decorative stairwell entrance space was answer to the motto. We have followed the same path with tide of bubble. Last; do not intend to, so to speak, say that myself put the body outside the second tide. However, we intended to do manufacturing while feeling quite a few question while pursuing the real intention of this "plain meaning".
 Takano Hospital project is Kumamoto art police's first "hospital architecture" program. In new theme to "harmonize with difference, person naturally", we decided participation when we might pursue new possibility to be able to be also known as third. It was about time when suggestion substance as "hospital architecture" was hardening. We were introduced contemporary representative Jun Yanagisawa from structure house Kei Suzuki (A.S.A) who was one of the partners. It was introduction from Suzuki in meaning to raise viewpoint of "publicity". Collaboration with Yanagisawa is stimulating every day and is deepening conviction to be able to show image of new hospital architecture which we were not able to create only in conventional us.



Hirotaka Kawashima (kawashima, Hirotaka)

It is managing director combination architecture drawing office entering a company now for end of the Masters degree course in Kyushu University Graduate School engineering graduate course/1,984 years for/1,984 years Fukuoka-born for 1,960 years
Work: Tajimi Hospital Gifu Prefectural for 1,994 years for west Kobe medical center, 1,998 years for Inagi Municipal Hospital, 2,000 years in Aichi public welfare consecutive Atsumi Hospital, 2007 Chisato rehabilitation Hospital, 2010 (prize for above medical care welfare architecture receiving a prize)



Jun Yanagisawa (contemporary)


 It was the biggest reason that there was polite invitation whether you did not do together from Kawashima of professional combination architecture drawing office of hospital design in what would participate in Kumamoto art police Takano Hospital proposal, but there was not a little process concerned with from school days for Kumamoto art police business. We are concerned with basic design and conduct design of message hemp housing complex (1994) for the graduate school era (Kazunari Sakamoto laboratory), and theme (apartment complex study) of own master's thesis comes under a big influence of art police, too. In addition, it attends society and is foreign countries, but it is in charge of design of hospice, and this is because but Japan felt charm in thought and concept of this art police "to open naturally, and to join people" very much sometime. Though it was private hospital, there was remark in "more public attempt" from Kawashima, and proposal plan seems to have hardened at a stretch. It is settling basic design, but, anyway, it is realizing that, anyway, patience and enthusiasm more than that are necessary for design of hospital now only to be taught by rotation every day. We show a stronger feeling to have to realize image of new hospital which all people who were concerned with this project when it passed for 20 years for not only moment when hospital was further completed but also ten years realize this project, and I think that it was really good and area and people of Kumamoto are proud of above all every day now than time when we participated in proposal.



Jun Yanagisawa (yanagisawa, order)

It is reorganization in contemporary in contemporary sponsorship, 2007 for Toyoo Ito architecture drawing office duty, 2,000 years for Masters degree course in Tokyo Institute of Technology completion/1,992-2,000 years for/1,992 years Tokyo-born for 1,964 years
Work: 2006 hospice cognac J (Toyoo Ito architecture drawing office and joint design), prize for 2010 apartment complex Rene village Seijo Tokyo authorized architect meeting building a house, 2012 Shiojiri-shi, Nagano citizen interchange center (empaku) Architectural Institute of Japan architecture recommendation Japan authorized architect society federation award for excellence, the 2012 Kotsubo, Zushi-shi Otani door activity center design proposal highest award, the 2013 Hino, Yokohama-shi park cemetery charnel design proposal highest award




Proposal process

Primary examination application 11 cases
The second examination
 The highest award combination building drawing office + contemporary
 Fine work Naito architecture office Kyushu office
 Fine work Shinichi Okada drawing office
 Fine work Kume, coelacanth K & H design joint venture


Joint building drawing office + contemporary


Naito architecture office Kyushu office


Shinichi Okada drawing office


Kume, coelacanth K & H design joint venture



Takano Hospital new construction design duties open call for participants model proposal

○Process (medical corporation corporation Takano society Takano Hospital) of new hospital construction
 As senior Pope of medical corporation corporation Takano society, we aimed at the best large intestine anus special hospital in Japan and established Takano Hospital in January, 1982 and received the authorization of specified medical corporation in 1983 and contributed to community medicine by public administration.
 In addition, we repeated efforts for improvement of quality for treatment of intractable anus disease, inflammatory bowel disease, again functional disease at the same time to advocate "colon cancer destruction" until now, and to work on enlightenment, examination, and to work on improvement of cancer management.
 We decided building of new hospital by move to solve problems of hardware aspects on improving such as quake resistance of building, improvement of function, patient satisfaction today after opening of business 30 years.
 We further develop as "the immediate nature period, special hospital" of large intestine anus illness that Takano society aims at and plan when it lasts in the future and wants to permanently carry out contribution to community medicine.
 We approve of "we do harmony (wa) with difference, person naturally" of idea of Kumamoto art police and new theme this time and will participate in Kumamoto art police project. We carry out open call for participants type proposal to demand designer who is new hospital powerful cooperator to have you work to make with us widely.


○Summary of proposal
Name Takano Hospital new construction design duties open call for participants model proposal
Method open call for participants type proposal
Sponsorship Kumamoto, medical corporation corporation Takano society Takano Hospital
 Essential point announcement Friday, June 28, 2013
 Essential point distribution from Friday, June 28 to Thursday, August 1
 Question reception desk from Friday, June 28 to Tuesday, July 9
 Local visit society Monday, July 8
 Question answer Friday, July 12
 Application deadline Friday, August 2
 Primary examination Tuesday, August 6 (secrecy)
 Second examination Tuesday, August 20 (publicly)
 Judge long Toyoo Ito (architect, Commissioner Kumamoto art police)
 Judge Masahiro Takano (medical corporation corporation Takano society's chairperson)
      Kazutaka Yamada (medical corporation corporation Takano society Takano Hospital director)
      Kazuyuki Hori (medical corporation corporation Takano society Takano Hospital assistant director, office manager)
      Hideaki Katsura (architect, adviser at Kumamoto art police, Associate Professor at Kumamoto University)
      Kaori Suehiro (architect, adviser at Kumamoto art police, Associate Professor at Kyushu University)
      Masashi Sogabe (architect, adviser at Kumamoto art police, Kanagawa University's professor)

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