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Grant decision (the fourth), authorization (the fifth) of reconstruction contracts plan

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About grant decision (the fourth)

○ About group subsidy, it is 73 for 169 companies on today. We performed grant determination of 500 million yen (the fourth).

○ In addition, about reconstruction contracts plan, we authorized 3 groups among items which we reserved last time on December 20, and, as for the number of the authorized groups, it was in 420 groups (the number of the constitution 6,970 person, the number of the people planning subsidy grant application 4,170 person) in total.

     (the number of * constitution includes change authorization minute by participation of member.)


The situation (the fourth) of subsidy grant decision for each 1 company

 (1) The number of the grant decision companies 169 company (total 917 company)

 (2) The grant decision total sum    7.35 billion yen     (total 26.64 billion yen)

   ※As for the list of grant decision, please see the next attached file.

The authorized situation (the fifth) of reconstruction contracts plan pertaining to 2 groups subsidy

 (1) The number of the application groups 436

 (2) The number of the authorized groups 420

 (3) The number of the withdrawal groups    16  ※Total authorization rate 96. 3%

   ※As for the list of groups of authorization, please see the next attached file this time.



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