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1 purpose

 We provide information about the business results of surveying supplier, management contents by offering and establish reading place for reading to have you make use for convenience of the choice of appropriate surveying supplier, and even anyone can read register which surveying supplier receiving registration based on the Surveying Acts submitted.

Surveying supplier for 2 reading

 Surveying supplier who has office in Kumamoto

Place of 3 reading place

 Kumamoto Department of Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Administration Division (the eleventh floor of the Kumamoto prefectural government office administration ridge Main Building)

4 reading time

 From 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (from noon except until 1:00 p.m.)
 ※Receptionist of reading application is until 4:00 p.m.
 ※In 5th, 15th, the afternoon of 25th (when the day falls on holidays such as Sundays and holidays on Saturday day after the holiday), we stop reading for filing every month.

5 reading charges

 Free of charge

Method of 6 reading

 You fill in the requirements (purposes such as address, full name of applicant, surveying supplier name whom you wish to read) on reading application (you do not need sealing), and please submit to person in charge.
 ※We prepare index book of surveying supplier name for reading room.
 [style of reading application]



7 instructions

 ・We cannot take documents such as permission applications outside reading place.
 ・When we cannot have according to instructions of rules and person in charge of reading, we stop or may prohibit reading.

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